Hair, Glasses And Even Teeth Go Hurtling Into the Air As Guest Speaker Blasts
CWU Annual Conference 2017

Some times delegates can be forgiven for falling asleep at Conference, but if some were tempted to grab a few thousand Zzzs; there was no chance during guest speaker Philip Jennings almost 30 minute upbeat and highly informative speech delivered at a decibel level most Jet planes would have trouble competing with!

Introduced by President Beryl Shepherd with great enthusiasm, she ended up telling delegates,
"Those of you leaving to lie down in a darkened room, please leave quietly!" after his speech; which got him a resounding standing ovation from the Top table and majority on the floor of Conference.

Philip Jennings is General Secretary of UNI Global Union (formerly PTTI) – the global trade union for the service sectors – which represents 20 million workers worldwide.

He is a proud son of Cardiff with a global perspective who has never forgotten his roots. His Welsh origins have informed his values and his sense of justice for working people. 

He is the “Global Warrior” with a powerful presence, a gift for oratory and a pithy Welsh sense of humour.

Philip is a long standing friend of the CWU announced Beryl when introducing him and giving some detail of the work he does and his connection with the CWU.

So, sit back, adjust the volume and enjoy a guest speaker who absolutely galvanises his audiences and inspires Trade Unionists around the world to fight for working terms and conditions fit for human beings.


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Sources - pic: UniGlobal video: CWU live streaming

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