Jeremy Corbyn Challenges Theresa May To Debate Policy With Him

Speaking at this morning's official launch of the Labour Party's General Election 2017 manifesto, Jeremy Corbyn challenged Theresa May to debate with him on TV so that the British people can decide for themselves on which policies they will vote for.

He announced to the country that;

"This is  a manifesto for all generations. We're providing hope and genuine opportunity for everybody. I see to our children, whichever postcode you were born in, we will make sure you have the same chance as every other child."

Following on from his speech, the audience which included journalists such as BBC ' Laura Kuenssberg, known for her clear Tory bias and aggressive negativity towards Jeremy Corbyn; were able to ask questions.

Announcing her question, she was booed, but Jeremy quickly interjected asking everyone to show respect for each individual's questions.

Many will feel that it is time for BBC journalists such as Kuenssberg to show respect for those who speak on behalf of Labour and to stop distorting and lying by omission; about Labour Party policies and the support they are currently getting across the country.

Here is the excerpt of the part of his speech dealing with Labour's promises for the future of our children:


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