CWU General Secretary Calls On All Members To Exercise
Their Right To Vote In Labour's Leadership Election

Pic: Dave WardAll political levy paying members of the CWU are entitled to a vote in the Labour Party elections.

Not all CWU members will realise this and so the Union's General Secretary, Dave Ward, has today written to all members in order to highlight this to them and to explain that obtaining their vote in the leadership contest is simple.

To obtain a vote all members have to register via the Labour Party's website - will take you straight to the sign up page.

In addition to the home mailing CWU HQ will also be communication with the membership on this sign-up campaign via social media, text and email.

All Branch Secretaries are being asked to support this campaign at local level, undertaking the following activities:

  1. Select at least one workplace per branch and hold a sign-up event. This can be done by using smartphones or tablets and asking members to simply fill in the fields in the link

  2. Email all members on the branch email database encouraging them to sign-         up and sharing the link.

  3. Text all representatives the link and ask them to forward to every member they have contact details for.
  4. Share the link on branch websites and social media accounts.

Pic: Labour leadership candidatesBecause the Union is affiliated to the Labour Party, democracy within the party is enhanced by Unions members exercising this right to be fully involved in the leadership election process.

Memebers are urged to do so on the basis of the two candidates, Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith, not on the basis of what they see on TV news programmes or read in the tabloids, but on the facts presented by each candidate in their respective election addresses.

Source: CWU / Parliament website

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