Labour Conference Standing Ovation For Brave Delegate Suffering
Mental Health Illness

This morning saw the Labour Party Conference turn its attention to the NHS and the disgusting healthcare budget cuts the Tory Government and Jeremy Hunt has chosen to use against our healthcare, but also against community healthcare, mental health services and most evil of all - attacks on the nurses and junior doctors.

As if to illustrate the crucial and paramount importance of the NHS to individuals, and especially mental healthcare treatment, Laura Wright a delegate from Manchester Withington CLP spoke emotionally in support of Composite Motion 7 on Labour's NHS policies.

She very bravely, and in order to take the silence and stigma out of the issue of mental health illness; told conference that as a sufferer with a bi-polar condition and having the need for NHS care from community psychiatric healthcare nurses and ultimately in psychiatric hospital; "I can't tell you how invaluable their work was. Without them, I don't think I would be standing here today before you."

Here you can watch her emotional speech in defence of the NHS and in support of Composite motion 7 which earned her a justified standing ovation from both the floor of conference and from the platform of party officials:


Source: Labour Party

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