CWU GS Dave Ward Speaks On Way Forward For Union And It's Retired Members

Last weeks CWU Retired Members Conference 2017 held at the Mechanics Institute in Manchester saw over 100 delegates from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland congregate to discuss and formulate the Union's policy with regard to the retired members who are as active within the trade union movement as they were prior to leaving employment.

Pic: Dave Ward speaking at Retired Members Conference 2017Most have held positions within the Union at branch level, and attended many CWU annual conferences, forging policy and political activity of the CWU.

So it was with keen interest that they listened to General Secretary, Dave Ward as he mapped out for them his view on the future of the union and of the Retired Members section specifically, and laying the ground for an open and frank exchange of views during the debates ahead at the conference.

In doing so he addressed one of the most controversial propositions on the conference agenda for many years - that of the future role and rights of retired members of the CWU.

Dave, spoke for some 25 minutes, referring specifically to the concerns expressed in motion No 7 on the agenda; and decisions taken by the NEC which many delegates and Branches see as having a negative impact on the Union's retired members.

You can watch a video recording of his speech in full below, divided into two parts to allow for a 'natural' break part way through explains the web editor, tongue in cheek; although in reality it is split in two because of file size limitations!








Dave Ward Speech Part 1

Dave Ward Speech Part 2