Close The Gap Campaign Petition Launched

CWU National Officer Sally Bridge announces the next stage in the Union's campaign on agency members pay and terms and conditions.

CWU Manpower members working on the BT contract are not getting their rightful remuneration for their work and the CWU is not standing for it!

The campaign is all about fighting for the real living wage rate of £8.45 per hour and to eradicate Pay Between Assignments contracts.

As the petition explains:

'Manpower agency staff working at BT are earning as little as the Government’s legal minimum rate of £7.50 per hour.

The vast majority are employed on Pay Between Assignment contracts which means they are exempt from equal pay protections guaranteed by the Agency Worker Regulations 2010 and are being paid less for carrying out the same tasks as their colleagues employed directly by BT.'

Launching the new petition and associated poster, Sally urged all T&FS Branches to circulate the poster and to place it on notice boards, branch websites and use it in home mailings in order to maximise the signatures on the Close The Gap petition.

Pic: Close The Gap posterFollowing the example of a highly successful social media campaign used by our CWU Postal membership in the Four Pillars campaign, Sally has urged branches to take pics of members who have signed the petition, holding the campaign poster and post them on various social media platforms such as FaceBook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

In that campaign, the Union was successful in maximising not only publicity within the Union membership, but also in the wider public domain. This helped to ensure maximum public awareness of the campaign, the issues involved and also set the record straight, given the mainstream media's often distortion or omission of basic facts.

The Union's national website Close The Gap campaign pages provides further information as well as the poster and petition for downloading by CWU T&FS branches.

However, both can be also downloaded from this website.

Sally provides full details in the launch video:


You can down load the poster by clicking on the pic and download the petition here

Source: CWU

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