Royal Mail’s Approach To Pensions Is Intellectually Boring, Morally Sickening And An Insult To Its Employees Says CWU

Deputy General Secretary (Postal), Terry Pullinger said:

“Royal Mail have released a Press Statement today which is both premature and arrogant.  It is an example of the closed-minded, idea redundant mentality that the CWU are up against.  It beggars belief that the company really do consider that this mutant Defined Contribution proposal is in any way an adequate response to the work and imagination that the Union have put into our Wage in Retirement Scheme proposal."

He continued by saying:

“The CWU have pragmatically responded to the pension challenges of our time and do not believe that the concept of a wage in retirement Defined Benefit arrangement is dead.  We have been growing intellectual and moral support for our efforts and we will not be deterred in our campaign to ensure dignity and security in retirement for our members.  In the face of conventional wisdom, dogma and shareholder self-interest, we become more resolute and this negotiation is far from over.”

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