Tory Lies Over Brexit Continue As May tries To Mislead Parliament
Over Single Market

Not only is Theresa May and her EU hating xenophobes trying to grab power in order to destroy all worker's rights as currently protected by EU directives, through their Great Repeal Bill; but she is also trying to hoodwink Parliament in an illegal act of ignoring the UK's legal obligation to give the EEA 12 months notice BEFORE pulling out of the Single Market which has to be done BEFORE implementing Article 50 and leaving the EU formally.

Whilst Article 50 notification has been given to the EU, Article 127 which covers membership of the EEA and a member of the Single Market; has been totally ignored by the Tory Government in an attempt to usurp a parliamentary debate, but hiding mention of Article 127 within the small print of the Great Repeal Bill, newly named as the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

Article 127 is a section of the treaty that keeps Britain and 28 other countries (including some that aren’t in the EU) in the European Economic Area - the single market.

The Government knows that it will be very difficult to get a Bill through Parliament that gave notification of the UK to the EEA that it is leaving the Single Market, plus they claim that our membership of the Single Market will fall when we leave the EU as a whole.

They ignore the terms of Article 127 and the requirement to give formal notice to the EEA within 12 months of leaving the EU; or our intention to leave the Single Market. They ignore the fact that some non-EU member countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) are signed up to the EEA and that the two Articles (127 and 50) are separate elements with their own legal responsibilities that the UK is bound by as a signatory to the EU.

As per usual, they are making false statements with regard to the EU and the mechanism of leaving both the EU and the EEA (Single Market).

As stated by Jean Claude Junka and other EU ministers involved in the negotiations with the UK over leaving the EU, government ministers are pretty ignorant and don't understand how the EU actually works!

Source: Daily Mirror / EFTA website / The Independent / EU website

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