NW Region Conference 2017

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The afternoon session of the CWU NW Region Conference was taken up with a discussion group on Workplace2020, with contributions from delegates from a range of CWU branches within the Postal, Telecom and Financial Services section of the CWU.

This and subsequent pages capture some of the contributions in a number of separate clips



The Workplace2020 session for delegates was held to gather the views and opinions of CWU members in the North West.

It will be used to inform both the Union and the Labour Party with regard to the issues described in the introduction to the session and can be read at the end of this page.

Training issues, abuse of agency staff, and the use of disciplinary measures designed to make dismissal easy and quick.

The legislation making workers ability to use employment tribunals more difficult and often prohibitive needs addressing.

The erosion of pension schemes in Royal Mail, Parcel Force and British Telecom.

How this affects new employees and the need for available information about specific employers pensions schemes.


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