NW Region Conference 2017

The afternoon session of the CWU NW Region Conference was taken up with a discussion group on Workplace2020, with contributions from delegates from a range of CWU branches within the Postal, Telecom and Financial Services section of the CWU.

Below you can download the discussion document and watch video clips from one of the discussion groups.

Carl Webb, North West Regional Secretary, speaking to the Union's publicity department, said with regard to the Workplace2020 exercise:

“A big thank you to regional Andy Smith, Regional Organiser Labour Party, Cllr Paul Pritchard and Andrew Towers from the General Secretary's office for running the groups.”

He added: “Nearly everyone took part in the discussion, with topics ranging all the way from specific issues in the sectors our members work in  to the wider need for stronger trade union rights, occupational and state pensions, and major investment to improve the vital health, education and local services on which everyone relies.” 

Pic: click the pic to download discussion document

You can download the discussion document by clicking on the pic to the left.

These pages capture contributions from one group of delegates in separate clips:

Workplace 2020 discussion Group Clips Page 1

Workplace 2020 discussion Group Clips Page 2

Workplace 2020 discussion Group Clips Page 3




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