CWU Retired Members Conference 2017

Motion 2

This Conference notes that 9.3 million households are headed by a person over retirement age and that this figure is projected to grow to 13 million during the lifetime of this generation.

Conference agrees that elderly people need secure and affordable housing and that the Housing and Planning Act of 2016 will lead to more insecure tenancies in council properties, forcing more elderly people into the rented private, sector with even less security.

Conference supports the position of the Labour Party to repeal the Housing and Planning Act and calls on the RMAC to make representation to the NEC to work with all interested groups to highlight the dangers of this Act for elderly people and to campaign for its repeal.

Retired Members Advisory Committee







The motion was carried

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Moved: Rod Downing for RMAC

Jan Zablocki Midlands No 1

Ian Warwick SE No5