CWU Retired Members Conference 2017

Motion 3

This Conference is concerned with the pace of closures of local accident and emergency centres and hospitals. Barely a week goes by without media stories of people left waiting for hours in waiting rooms.

Conference agrees that this is not the fault of the excellent, dedicated hard working staff, but rather a failing of leadership from the government and their austerity led cuts agenda.

Furthermore conference believes that the closure of local A&E centres disproportionately hurts pensioners and the elderly who will struggle more than most to attend far flung centralised A&E centres. This would have the consequence of putting further strains on the ambulance service and more elderly people will requires ambulances when previously they could have attended their local centre.

Conference agrees that this is part of the death by a thousand cuts political attack on our NHS.

Conference instructs the RMAC to work with the NEC, and other sympathetic health charities to campaign against the cuts to these centres and to provide widespread A&E provision for all.

Retired Members Advisory Committee








The motion was carried unanimsouly

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Mover: Ken Ward RMAC

Mike Creak Western Counties Branch

Jan Zablocki Midlands No 1 Branch