CWU Retired Members Conference 2017

Motion 7

This Conference views with deep concern the unilateral decision of the NEC to abolish the right of CWU Retired Members to vote for their Branch Officers, a right that has existed in this Union for 21 years since the merger of the Unions.

The decision was imposed without any prior consultation with Branches or the RMAC and is not compatible with a Union that prides itself on opposing all forms of discrimination on age, promotes itself on proportionality and fair representation of all members and deals with Equality, Proportionality and fair representation of all members in
Branches. Regretfully the NEC decision does not reflect the rules of the CWU.

Therefore Conference agrees to instruct the RMAC to use all means and work with the NEC to seek a commitment from them to submit a Rule change to Annual Conference that restores the right of Retired Members to vote for their Branch Officers as listed in National Rule 6.4.2.

Greater Mersey and South West Lancs
























The motion was carried unanimously

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Mover: Phil Duffy Gt Mersey & SW Lancs Branch

Seconded: Francis Kearns Gt Mersey & SW Lancs Branch

Richard Feel West Yorkshire Branch

Mick Jones Midlands Branch in support

Midlands No7 Branch in support

Mick Shields in support

Gordon Dowell Kent Invicta
in support

Stuart Caddy East Lancs Amal Branch in support

Stephen Gribben Northern Ireland Branch in support

Delegate in support of Motion 7

Joan Watson on behalf of RMAC in support