CWU Retired Members Conference 2017

Motion 9

This Conference instructs the RMAC to ask the NEC if they will request the CWU’s General Secretary and the President to publish to the Union's Membership the reasons and rational behind LTB664/16 REVISED BRANCH MODEL CONSTITUTION and the additional note to be inserted at the foot of paragraph 4.4 that states that Retired Members are not entitled or eligible to stand for election or be able to vote in the above elections (a) to (I)

Midland Regional Retired Members Committee












The motion was Carried


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Mover: Mick Jones Midland Region Motion 9

Seconder: Jan Zablocki Midland No1 Branch

Phil Duffy Gt Mersey & SW Lancs Support

Rod Downing On behalf of RMAC Opposed

Mick Jones right of reply