2021 CWU North West Women of Today events – Recordings

If you missed any of  the 2021 CWU NW ‘Women of Today’ you can watch them by clicking on the links below:

CWU NW WoT event – Mon 1.3.21 – YouTube

A chance to hear from Peace Activist Professor Erinma Bell MBE who has had extensive experience with gun and gang crime. Erinma is the first woman, in 150 years, to have a statue of herself in Manchester Town Hall

CWU NW WoT event – Tue 2.3.21 – YouTube

Including the current Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Anna Rothery who made political history in 2012 as the first elected member to speak at the United Nations in Geneva on Religious, Linguistic and Cultural difference. Julie Gibson, Co-Chair of the CWU NW Councillors Network will also join us.

CWU NW WoT event – Wed 3.3.21 – YouTube

Looking at how music can help our wellbeing, this session will include a performance from Isabel Ingham, a passionate young singer and songwriter. Claire Moore, CWU Health and Safety Rep will introduce a short quiz and information around the use of music for those with Alzheimer’s

CWU NW WoT event – Thurs 4.3.21 – YouTube

Alison Hughes is Assistant Director for Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Customer and Digital for Liverpool City Council. We will also be joined by GMB Activist Lindsay England and learn more about her work with the Just a Ball Game organisation.

CWU NW WoT event – Fri 5.3.21 – YouTube

Author Gill Rossini will discuss her book– A History of Women’s Lives in Liverpool. This covers stories of the diverse and contrasting women from countless nationalities welcomed by Liverpool over the centuries.

Posted: 9th March 2021

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