A Letter From America Warns UK Not To Vote For A Gov That Privatises Our NHS

A Letter From America Warns UK Not To Vote For A Gov That Privatises Our NHS

The internet is a wonderful thing when it comes to the democratisation of information, especially during a General Election when media is owned by one party, and the truth is seldom spoken by politicians, especially Tory politicians!

Theresa May has claimed the Tory Government care about the NHS, despite the major cutting of the budget and services from surgery, cancer treatment, A&E and hospital closures to GP surgery closures.

Whilst claiming to Andrew Neil on 27th May that she is putting more funding into the NHS and naming a sum of £10 billion, she did not explain that in fact that £10 billion is going to NHS Property Services so they can put up for sale, all of the NHS assets they administer – i.e. the Hospitals!

Furthermore, the right-wing press has been full of articles from Tory MPs, Advisers, and indeed Ministers, that the privatisation of the NHS is desirable. They have in fact put this into practice with the Health And Social Care Act which puts out to private tender, every NHS service to patients.

In a timely fashion and on social media (Twitter) comes letter from an American citizen living in Oklahoma, Hannah Middlebrook, setting the record straight in terms of the costs that every victim of the Manchester bombing would have had to pay to the hospitals that treated them, irrespective of whether the treatment was a success, or whether or not they lived.

Here is the original Tweet as it was in the form of a graphic:

Posted: 1st January 2017

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