A Party Political Broadcast On Behalf Of The Conservative Party

Could this be the first and only truthful party political broadcast by the Tories?

Or perhaps this one?

Some basic facts too might help:

Some simple and indisputable facts of what Tory Britain 2018 is responsible for:

* Over 1.6 million PIP claims are being reviewed because of Tory negligence.

* Cancer sufferers denied £30 a week – voted for by the Tories.

* Tory War on the disabled has resulted in 120,000 deaths linked to Tory cuts.

* The UN accused Tory UK Government of causing a “human catastrophe”.

The future under Tory rule after Brexit:

* As part of their Brexit plan, the NHS will be taken over by US healthcare companies.

* Workers rights such as paid holidays and sickness pay will be curtailed or ceased.

* Women will suffer the most from the loss of worker’s rights.

* The right of higher and fire at will and without reason will be established as in USA

* Food safety and environmental safety regulations will be watered down.

* Chicken shit, chlorine, Gen Modification, & anti-biotics will be the norm in our food.

* Inhumane American factory farming methods will take over British farming.

* US laws will be murged into ours in order to ensure a trade deal with them.

* Immigration will increase, whilst EU Nurses & Docs leave due to no residence rights.

So, unless you are happy with the above – get off your bum and campaign in the local elections for a route of all Tory councilors in this year’s local government elections on 3rd May 2018 and

Then on Saturday 12th May join the CWU in London marching in protest at Tory Government plans to destroy our rights and send us back to the 1700s!

Source: C Ingram / Peter Stefanovic

Posted: 1st February 2018

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