All Out For Last Week Of Labour’s Campaign To Save NHS, Worker’s Rights And Triple Lock

CWYU member sand activists have been treading the streets the last few weeks campaigning against the election of the most right-wing government that the country has seen since the 1800s as their manifesto and policy statements for the last two years under Theresa May has shown.

The NHS, disabled, pensioners, children and working people are all going to lose and with regard to the NHS, it will not exist in five years time, as May plans to sell off all of the NHS hospitals, buildings and land to American health insurance companies as a prelude to them taking over the NHS totally!

In the final days before ‘judgement day’ the CWU’s North West Regional chair, Carl Webb is calling out to all CWU members, activists and Officers to make a final concerted effort to help defeat Theresa May and the Tory extremists who will hijack this country and turn it into ‘little America’ with no worker’s rights, no pension benefits of any worth and ensure it becomes a tax haven with low wages, poverty and sickness level with the likes of the majority of tax havens around the world.

The full list of CWU NW campaign days in our Priority Seats are:

  • Monday 5th June:  Wirral South Constituency – Meet at the Campaign Office, 57 New Chester Road, Wirral, CH63 4RA – from 1.30pm  (Local Contact Brian Kenny – 07850 091 517)
  • Tuesday 6TH June: Blackpool South Constituency – Meet at the Campaign Office, 293 Church Street, Blackpool, FY1 3PF, – From 10am  (Local Contact Carl Webb 07850 019 602)
  • Tuesday 6th June: Blackpool North Constituency – Meet at the Campaign Office,16 Westcliffe Drive, Layton, FY3 7HG – from 2pm (Local Contact Carl Webb 07850 019 602)
  • Wed 7th June: South Ribble Constituency  – Meet at 10am address to be confirmed
  • Wed 7th June: Bury North Constituency – Meet at the Above Freedom Church , 35 Walmersley Road, Bury, BL95AE – from 2pm (Local Contact Sandra Walmsley 07793 628 266)
  • Thurs 8th June: – Any of the following seats: Blackpool South, Wirral South, Bury North, Blackpool North & Cleveleys and South Ribble (more details to follow)

Please focus your efforts on seats that we need to win or hold – not safe ones with big majorities….BE SMART WITH YOUR TIME.

Don’t excuse yourself from helping because of facility time or your an industrial rep. Many CWU reps have been helping after work, at weekends and during their lunchtimes. Don’t leave this fight to the few and remember what we are fighting for:

  • Royal Mail renationalised
  • Significant public investment to rolling out superfast and ultrafast broadband
  • The setting up of a Post Bank and a halt to the Crown Office closure programme
  • A comprehensive package of enhanced trade union and employment rights, including the abolition of the agency workers loophole
  • The maintenance of the ‘triple lock’ for the state pension
  • Improvements to education and the safeguarding of the NHS
  • Increased policing, increased border guards and more firefighters  

Posted: 1st January 2017

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