As Farage Backs A Second EU Referendum Poll Reveals Brexit Vote Would Be Reversed

As Farage Backs A Second EU Referendum Poll Reveals
Brexit Vote Would Be Reversed

No sooner than Nigel Farage stuns Brexiteers with a call for a second EU Referendum vote, than an opinion poll commissioned by The Daily Mirror finds that the decision to leave the EU taken in June 2016; would be reversed if that were to happen today!

The poll of 1,049 people conducted by ComRes for the Daily Mirror shows that if there were a second referendum, 55% would vote to remain in the EU and 45% to leave.

With Don’t Knows included the full result was 51% for Remain, 43% for Leave and 6% for Don’t Know. This would overturn the June 2016 referendum result of 52% to 48% in favour of leaving the EU.

Some of the reasons given for the change of heart have been raised recently in the news media:

1 The £35 million per week for the NHS now shown to have been a lie.

2 The claim that there would be less immigration into the UK is being seen by the public as having no basis for truth.

3 The risk to the NHS being taken over by US healthcare corporations as part of a UK/US trade deal is be coming evident to the public.

It of course remains to be seen whether or not a second referendum is called, with the TV news media and the Tory Government claiming that there is no appetite for a second vote on EU membership within the country.

However, many commentators believe that some form of second EU referendum must take place, even if only to ratify the UK’s final leaving deal between our Government and the EU. Given the strong argument for this in Parliament, which the government is rejecting outright; Theresa May could be persuaded by public opinion if it were strong enough.

In the meantime, Farage has of course back-tracked, claiming his comments were simply a ‘slip of the tongue’ and that he wasn’t actually calling for a second referendum.

One commentator from The London Economy on-line news, even suggested that Farage was deliberately saying this in order to force Jeremy Corbyn into a corner on the issue of Brexit:

"Is Farage’s “slip of the tongue” a ruse to destroy the Labour Party?" is the headline followed by this explanation as to why the author thinks it may well be the case:

"….if another referendum takes place, Corbyn will be forced to pick a side. No more ambiguity, no more claim of ‘playing the cards he’s been dealt’. No abstaining, no just ‘going with it’. He will be forced to show his hand.

If he supports a turnaround, sit back and watch the ‘communist’ slurs return to the fray, and support for the Tories swell. If he openly supports Brexit this time round, now his position really matters, every remainer will be appalled. Labour will haemorrhage votes to all the other parties.

Either way, Labour will be ripped apart. Tory checkmate."

Source: Daily Mirror / London Economic / Channel 5

Posted: 1st February 2018

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