BBC Newsnight Leads Attack On Jeremy Corbyn’s Friday Speech

Using a previous Home Secretary in Tony Blair’s Labour Government, BBC Newsnight attacked Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on terrorism that he is going to deliver tomorrow and once again attempted to diminish and trivialise his stance on the security of this country.

Charles Clarke speaking with Kirsty Walk made it clear that he never supported Jeremy for the leader and ” stopped listening to him on security issues, many years ago”.

He answered Walk’s clear question aimed at giving Clarke the opportunity to stick a knife in Jeremy’s back: ” do you see Jeremy as a Prime Minister?” to which Clarke answered: “No I don’t. I have never seen him as prime minister material!”

Charles Clarke joins The Sun in condemning Jeremy Corbyn on the eve of a speech he is giving tomorrow in response to a planned attack by Murdock’s gutter press which accuses him of voting against “… all 17 different new laws passed on terrorism since becoming an MP in 1983.”

The on-line news outlet, The Canary, reported:

“Jeremy Corbyn will use a speech in central London on Friday 26 May to tackle head-on his response to the Manchester bombing. The Labour leader plans to outline his “commitment to our country”.

And his speech will also attempt to quash criticisms about his leadership and his approach to ‘terrorism’.

The speech is in response to a pre-planned attack by The Sun on the Labour leader.”

The Sun ran their story on Thursday 25 May, which the Canary says Corbyn will be making in response to their distortion and false claims.

According to The Canary, Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party has seen, “Labour increase to 38%, with the Tories falling to 43% – the smallest gap of the general election so far.” in the latest YouGov poll.

In the meantime you can read what The Canary says is Corbyn’s speech to be given later today by clicking on the pic above.

Posted: 1st January 2017

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