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Black Lives Matter” Campaign

The CWU is deeply saddened to hear of the loss of more black lives as a result of institutional racism and racial injustice.

Since the execution of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, millions of people across the globe have taken part in protests against widespread inherent racism and the way black people have been treated by police officers in the US and beyond.

The recent protests and media campaign for justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and countless others, have once again highlighted the issues of inequality, racism, violence and injustice that exist in our society against black people today. Issues of police brutality and its links to racism should not be dismissed as just an American issue but an issue that affects black people globally.

The CWU reaffirms its position of opposing all forms of racism and stands in solidarity with protestors and the “Black Lives Matter” campaign.

Every day we see examples of racism in Britain. Hate crime for example has increased over the past several years, increasing significantly, after Brexit. Incidents of racism in football is still rife and British music artists, like Stormzy, constantly face attacks for speaking out against the institutional and systematic racism in the UK. Even during the current Coronavirus crisis we see the disproportionate impacts on our BAME communities with little action being taken by our nation’s leaders.

Racism is not just a BAME issue, it is dehumanising to everyone it touches and the fight for racial equality is one that includes us all. How you can help?

  •  Call racism out – One example of action we can all take is to challenge acts of racism and the dismissing of black people and their experiences of racism.
  •  Report acts of racism – contact the Equality, Education & Development department’s bullying and harassment helpline number on FREEPHONE 0800 090 2303 or email your concerns to equality&education@cwu.org Alternatively speak to your local CWU representative.
  •  Sign the petition – Add you name to the Justice for George Floyd petition here: https://www.change.org/p/mayor-jacob-frey-justice-for-george-floyd

Posted: 7th June 2020

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