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This page will bring you the latest on the CWU’s defence of your BT Pension scheme and will include videos, some short, some more lengthy; given the complications involved.

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BT Pension Review & Pay Update 19th March

BT Pension Review: Update

Final BT Pensions Message from Andy Kerr as deadline Approaches

Andy Kerr Urges All BT Members To Say No To BT Proposals Via Their Survey

BT Pensions Bulletin No3 – Impact of proposal Two

BT’s Proposals At A Glance

BT launched a formal 60 day consultation on proposed changes to the company pension scheme on 15th November 2017.   The CWU has not reached agreement on any of the proposals.   BT’s proposals could radically change pension provision across the company with both the BTPS and BTRSS members affected by different proposals, which the union believes fail to provide decent pension provision in retirement, the CWU are urging members to firmly say no to all of BT’s proposals for both schemes.   

The proposals are :

BT Pension Scheme

  • Proposal 1: Close Sections B and C of the BTPS for team members from 1st April 2018 and use the BTRSS for future service. Transitional additional contributions would be paid by BT into the BTRSS for up to 10 years.


  • Proposal 2: Team Members to continue membership Sections B and C of the BTPS after 31 March 2018 on a significantly amended basis. In particular, benefits would build up more slowly in the future and member contributions would increase.

In a separate consultation BT is proposing that Proposal 1 should apply to all Section B/C members of the scheme who are managers and those covered by the New Reward Framework

BT Retirement Saving Scheme

  • A 1% increase in BT’s contributions at all levels; make London Weighting pensionable; make changes to death in service benefits.

Tell BT No

Our response is clear. None of the proposals for either pension are acceptable.

All options for both pension schemes should be rejected.

You deserve better – BT can afford more.

BT must not make changes to either pension without agreement with the CWU.

More details are contained in the attached leaflet which is being sent to all members at their home address this week. Please make sure that the leaflet is circulated as widely as possible.

Secure Your Future

This is a crucial time for members’ pensions and retirement plans.

All CWU members are urged to respond to the BT consultation directly saying that you reject all the BT proposals for your pension and that you want BT to reach a negotiated agreement with the CWU.

Send your response to BT at the following email address and copy in the CWU at

The closing date for responses is 17th January 2018

CWU Invites All Members Employed In BT
To Complete Pension Survey

Bulletin No 2 – BTRSS Say No To BT

Pic: Click to download the full document in PDF format

Facebook Q&A on BT Pensions – Wednesday 13th December

A great chance for you to watch the event which took place if you missed it!

BT Pensions Member’s Meetings Schedule Announced

Say No To BT Pension Cuts Campaign Meeting
London 29th November

CWU Online Review of BT Pension Scheme Changes
29th November 2017

BT Pension Scheme Update – CWU Advises Members To Reject All Proposals

Source: CWU

Posted: 1st February 2018

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