Campaign For 3rd May Local Election Begins

Local councils across the UK, but not all of them, are
gearing up for the local elections which take place on 3rd May. If your local council is part of this year’s council elections, you may well be getting yourself organised
like many CWU activists and indeed councillors; to maximise the voter turn-out and to ensure local Labour councillors maintain their seats; whilst new Labour candidates are successfully elected to oust Tory held seats.

Some simple and indisputable facts of what Tory Britain 2018 is responsible for:

* Over 1.6 million PIP claims are being reviewed because of Tory negligence.

* Cancer sufferers denied £30 a week – voted for by the Tories.

* Tory War on the disabled has resulted in 120,000 deaths linked to Tory cuts.

* The UN accused Tory UK Government of causing a “human catastrophe”.

Local Councillor and Chair of the NorthWest Regional Committee, Dan Lewis wrote on his Twitter feed:

"The local elections on May 3rd are so important to implementing @UKLabour policy at a local level! Bringing services in to public ownership & using council resources locally to improve the local economy. This is the start of how we end austerity & get the #ToriesOut! #ForTheMany"

Below you can see his short video calling out to all Labour Party supporters to get campaiging for your local council Labour candidates and to help destroy the Tories in the 3rd May local governments elections.

Get The Tories Out – For The Many Not The Few!

Source: Dan Lewis / C Ingram

Posted: 1st February 2018

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