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Conference Motions Debates – Monday 24th April

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46 The Northwest Regional Women’s Committee (NWRWC) welcomes the publication of the TUC/Everyday Sexism Project report “Still just a bit of banter?” which highlights the extent and nature of sexual harassment in modern workplaces.

The research highlights:-

– More than half of all women polled have experienced some form of sexual harassment
– 32% have been subject to unwelcome jokes of a sexual nature
– A quarter have experienced unwanted touching
– Four out of five women did not report the sexual harassment to their employer.

The NWRWC feel that this is an issue that the CWU should do further research on within our own workplaces. We therefore instruct the NEC in conjunction with the Equality Department to create a suitable questionnaire that can be sent out via the Regional Women’s Committee’s to Women’s Officers, Equality Officers and lay members to feedback their experiences. This information to then be collated and reported back to the NEC and Women’s Advisory Committee by January 2018.

Proposer: North West Regional Committee

The motion was Carried

47 Conference is concerned that the CWU does not appear to have made any improvements to Maternity, Paternity, Foster or Adoptive care in any of the companies where we have recognition.

Therefore it instructs the NEC and the WAC to investigate what is available in all these areas, and to seek “Best Practice” from the negotiating officers.

Proposer: Birmingham, Black Country and Worcester

The motion was Carried

48 Since the result of the EU referendum it has been clear that this Tory Government will try and make workers pay the price of Brexit. They can only succeed if we allow them to divide us. We deplore the massive increase in all hate crimes, racist, homophobic and against disabled people that has happened since June 2016 and the scapegoating of immigrants in our political debate.

We support a tariff free single market and the principle of free movement of labour in Europe. but this should not be allowed to drive down labour costs and lead to the exploitation of workers. We reject the divide and rule tactics of blaming immigrants and other particular groups of working people in our society for the failures of the current market economic system to provide decent jobs, homes and effective social security for all.

We instruct the NEC to work with other UK Unions and the TUC to maintain and improve all existing rights at work and resist the attempts to cut ‘red tape’ to create an even more deregulated economy with low wages the norm. We will continue to work with our European sister Unions to defend workers terms and conditions across the world and oppose political organisations of the far right.

Proposers: Greater London Combined & London Regional Committee

The motion was Carried

50 On the 11th November 2018 see’s the centenary of the ending of World War One.

From the UK and its Empire nearly a million Men & Women from the military were killed. Nearly 50,000 civilians killed and over one and a half million wounded. Many of those killed have no known grave.

Every year on 11th November the country acknowledges the sacrifice these people made and comes to a standstill for two minutes’ silence to pay respect to them.

Our branch is instructing the NEC to lead a campaign to make the 11th November from 2018 and every year there after a Bank or Public Holiday. This will mean that we can commemorate and acknowledge the end of WW1 at the exact time and date when it occurred not the nearest Sunday. This day can also be the Nations way of remembering all those that have died or been wounded in other conflicts. If the 11th falls on a Sunday, then the following Monday could be classed as the bank holiday as all present-day bank/public holidays are now.

The NEC is instructed to campaign with the TUC, the wider Trade Union movement, The Labour Party, EDMs and others which could include Royal British Legion, RAFA, SSAFA, Army & Navy charities, and Help the Heroes organisations.

If this does not happen, we instruct the NEC to provide a report to branches after 11th November 2018 the reasons why this did not happen and the organisations that did not support this campaign.

Leicestershire Amal

The motion was Lost

51 That Conference notes the on-going developments involving other trade unions around challenging bogus self-employed contract arrangements, within the ‘courier sector’, and other sectors.

Conference applauds this action by trade unions and the workers involved, noting that the growing use of these self-employed contracts in the U.K today is simply about the particular employers seeking to avoid minimum employment entitlements, such as the minimum wage, leave, and sick leave entitlements.

Conference therefore calls on the N.E.C. to work with these trade unions, in whatever way possible, in support of challenging such bogus contract arrangements, and for the NEC to report back to Branches its on-going activities in this area.

proposer: Nottingham and District Amal

The motion was Carried unanimously

52 Conference notes that ASLEF and RMT trade unions have been involved in a long running dispute with Southern Rail, an operator described as ‘woeful’ by Conservative MPs.

Conference further notes that on 24 January 2017, 127 Conservative MPs backed a Bill to limit Industrial Action in what were deemed to be critical national services.

Conference believes that whilst this bill was defeated, there is a grave danger of further restrictions on the ability to organise and conduct Industrial action being brought into Law, in addition to the measures contained in the Trade Union Act 2016.

Conference resolves to send messages of support to the General Secretaries of the appropriate unions.

Conference further resolves to oppose any attempts to ban strikes in what are referred to as critical national services. We will offer support to other trade unions who wish to defy these laws, even in circumstances where such action is considered unlawful.

The NEC is instructed accordingly.

proposer: Bristol and District Amal

The motion was Lost

53 The NEC is instructed to work with the TUC to investigate the possibility of having a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum for all Trade Union members that have been killed whilst at work performing their duties.

If this is not possible at the National Memorial Arboretum, then a memorial be placed at a suitable location for all to pay their respects.

The funding for this memorial can be organised by the TUC. A competition shall be run by the TUC for Union members to design the memorial. The final design and location for the memorial will be revealed on the National Workers Memorial Day 2018.

This will also mark the 150 years of the TUC.

proposer: Leicestershire Amal

The motion was Lost

54 This Conference instructs the NEC to campaign for any Brexit settlement negotiated by the Government, to include full protection of jobs and workers and Trade Union rights.

Conference strongly believes that the vote for ‘leave’ was not a vote to put jobs and workplace rights at risk, and instructs the NEC accordingly in conjunction with other TUC affiliated Trade Unions.

proposer: Mersey Branch

The motion was Carried

56 This conference instructs the NEC to put in place arrangements to enable electronic nominating and voting in all ballots that are not covered by Statutory Legislation. Examples of ballots not covered are Labour Party Conference Delegation, TUC Conference Delegation, Advisory Committees and other branch based ballots. The NEC is instructed to conduct all such CWU Ballots from the 1st January 2018 by this means.

proposer: Mid Wales the Marches and North Staffs

The motion was Carried

57 Conference notes the carriage of motion 63, at General Conference 2009, reproduced below:

“This conference instructs the incoming National Executive Council to ensure that National Briefing/Meetings called by the NEC, the Industrial Executives or National Officers should be rotated around the country by a structured pattern to ensure that they are not mainly held in London. This will mean that branches are not penalised in relation to time, travel and subsistence costs.”

Conference notes a trend to predominantly hold briefings, meetings and forums in London and that the policy contained within motion 63 has not been upheld.

Conference agrees that since 2009 the need to change the way meetings are currently structured has become paramount: therefore the NEC are instructed to not only move meetings out of London, but when possible utilise the use of other methods for holding meetings to cut down on all travel, time and ubsistence.

Such methods are: conference call, SKYPE, webinar etc. this list is not exhaustive.

proposers: Greater Mersey and South West Lancs Amal & the North West Regional Committee

The motion was Lost

59 Conference notes with alarm the increasing levels of food waste in the UK. To quote a report back on the 31/03/16 by FUSIONS,“Estimates Of European Food Waste”. Around 88 Million Tonnes of food are
wasted annually and that’s just in the EU.

Another separate study, “Bio Intelligence Study 2010” estimates that between 1/3 and ½ of ALL world food
production is not consumed. Conference instructs the NEC & the CWU as a whole to adopt a strong policy with regards to food waste within the Union. This includes any events and or meetings where food is provided, both on and off CWU premises.

Any food that is fit for human consumption, ALL efforts must be made to ensure this is not wasted. Whether this food is consumed by ourselves or taken to some form of a shelter.

It’s time for us to take some social responsibility for less fortunate people and also some environmental responsibility. This problem exists at ALL levels and MUST be tackled with due diligence.

proposer: Central Counties and Thames Valley

The motion was Carried

Posted: 1st January 2017

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