CWU Consultative Ballot To Reject Post Office Executive Pay Imposition

The CWU has completed its exercise to consult with the Postal Executive and it’s IR Representatives in regard to the Executive Action by the Post Office to impose a 2% pay offer (not flowing through to allowances including London Weighting) with August salaries, backdated to 1st April 2017.

As RPI inflation announced earlier this week stood at 3.5% for June, this imposition amounts to a significant pay cut in real terms.

Subsequent to briefing the Union’s IR Representatives on the decisions of the Postal Executive, Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary details below; the next steps the CWU intends to take:

Pic: Andy FureyThis imposition of the 2% pay increase is clearly designed to circumvent our democracy and to disenfranchise our Post Office members.

In response I wrote to Paula Vennells, Group Chief Executive on 17th July, challenging the confrontational actions of the Post Office and urged her to reopen negotiations, so we may come to an agreed way forward. The most relevant extract from my letter is as follows:

“Constructive Proposal for Meaningful Negotiations
…my strong preference is to give the Post Office a further chance for meaningful negotiations in respect of our pay claim. I note the current intention is to pay the arrears of the 2% in August salaries. This timeframe provides both parties with the opportunity to urgently reopen discussions with the key objective of reaching a mutually agreeable way forward. Obviously for this to happen, each of us would have to be prepared to move from our current respective positions (the Post Office’s 2% imposition and our full 4% pay claim)…”

At the time of publication of this article, we have not received a response.

Our members received a letter from the Post Office at their home addresses on Wednesday 19th July which stated the following:

“All CWU grade colleagues will receive an unconditional 2% increase to base pay. This will also apply to inner and outer London Weighting”.

Consequently it now appears the Post Office has moved from its original position with regards to the flow-through to London Weighting. Therefore it is extremely petty that the 2% doesn’t flow through to all allowances.

Despite the move by the Post Office on London Weighting, the fact remains this imposition is still Executive Action which is designed to take away our members’ democratic right to cast their vote in respect of pay.

Consultative Ballot  of Members – Recommendation to Reject the Imposition

The Postal Executive as a consequence of the Post Office’s ill-conceived actions has unanimously supported the initiative of conducting a consultative ballot of members. As the Postal Executive had previously rejected the 2% pay offer as being inadequate, we have therefore been consistent with a recommendation to REJECT the imposition of the 2% pay increase.  

The consultative ballot timetable is as follows:

  • Ballot papers despatched                               Thursday 27th July
  • Ballot closes                                                Tuesday 22nd August

The above timetable provides additional time for the return of ballot papers during the peak summer leave period. Our IR Representatives have been fully briefed with regards to this consultative ballot and I am pleased to report everyone fully supports this approach.

As you would expect, we have written directly to members at their home addresses informing them of the forthcoming consultative ballot and associated timetable and the reasons why we need to achieve a healthy vote in favour of rejecting the imposition of pay.

This approach will provide our members with the opportunity to register their opposition to the actions of the Post Office who clearly need to be put under pressure to return to the negotiating table to continue our pay discussions, which had not broken down.

Branches and IR Representatives are encouraged to consider calling membership meetings where feasible to ensure we have the greatest turnout possible in this important consultative ballot.

Source: CWU LTB418/17

Posted: 1st January 2017

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