CWU Legal Services To Support Windrush CWU Members

The scandelous and racist way in which those who came to this country from the Commonwealth following invites by the British Government dating back to the years after the second world war, in order to help rebuild the country and especially the newly formed NHS, is of serious concern to the Union.

During Conference 2018, a debate took place on the issue which you can watch here

CWU General Secretary, Dave Ward has written to ALL CWU branches via letter to branches (LTB251/18):

There were two emergency motions on the ‎Windrush scandal at CWU Conference this week. The motions highlighted the abhorrent and, we believe, racist approach of the government in detaining, deporting and denying access to services like the NHS to British citizens who came to the UK decades ago as part of the ‘Windrush generation’.

The motions called on the union to undertake a range of campaigning activities to ensure that their rights are defended, that the hostile approach is immediately reversed and that the government is held to account. After an impassioned debate in which a number of our reps spoke about the impact of the ‘hostile environment’ the government has created on their lives, the motions were both agreed unanimously and we will be working to carry out the instructions as a matter of urgency.

In response to the debate, in supporting the motions on behalf of the NEC, our SDGS Tony Kearns asked that any CWU members who have been affected by the scandal contact the Legal department for support. We would request that branches publicise this offer of assistance from the union to their members as widely as possible. Additionally, if any of our members do require assistance, you can also contact the General Secretary’s department.

The CWU has a proud record of anti-racist campaigning and ‎we believe the actions of the government with the Windrush scandal have been completely unacceptable in any civilised society. We will be strongly campaigning against the government’s approach and supporting any CWU members who have been affected by this.

Source: CWU LTB251/18

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Posted: 1st April 2018

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