Women of Today event and workshops

Assertiveness and Confidence programme ONLINE !

Primarily for our female members and their guests – but we believe in equality so all are welcome

Starts Tuesday 28th July 18:00-19:00

The opportunity to meet a range of women involved with the CWU who will share some of their experiences with you.

·       Karen Kendrick CWU Northwest Assistant Secretary

·       Jean Sharrocks CWU National Women’s Lead and Union Tutor

·       Vera Kelsey CWU Activist

·       Angela Connell CWU Union Tutor


4th August – 18:00

Book Review with author Sibel Hodge ‘Trafficking- The Diary of a Sex Slave’

Free Kindle version for the first 50 people who register!

18th August 18:00

Assertiveness Part 1 with Karen Kendrick, NW Regional Assistant Secretary

What is Assertiveness? Here we outline the key skills in assertive communication in the workplace.

1st September 18:00

Assertiveness Part 2 with Karen Kendrick, NW Regional Assistant Secretary

How to be a more confident, assertive individual part 2.

15th September 18:00

Proportionality within the CWU with Katie Dunning, CWU Researcher

The number of women active in the union is still way below acceptable levels. How does the Union achieve proportionality?

29th September 18:00

Kate Hudson, Head of Equality, Education & Development Over 50% of the UK workforce is made up of women and we think that women can make fantastic trade union activists.

Why not join us on a journey of discovery, meet some amazing ‘Women of Today’ and learn some new skills along the way.

Pick what you like or do them all, it’s totally up to you.

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Posted: 20th July 2020

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