CWU Workers Create Increased Profits For Royal Mail Now Ask Them To Keep Their Promises

Once again the truth of privatised industries attitude towards their workforce, who in fact are the creators of those privatised companies’ profits, can be seen by pay being cut in real terms, their pensions being attacked along with their everyday terms and conditions at work; whilst millions of pounds of profit is poured into the pockets of shareholders, and not into the pockets of those who created that wealth i.e. the workforce; nor into the future of those companies!

A perfect example is that of Royal Mail who have embarked on the greatest attack on their employees’ pensions and terms and conditions, and have failed to live up to the promises they made prior to privatisation.

Whilst CEO Moya Green claims:

“We are determined to provide the best pay and terms and conditions in our industry. We believe that good labour standards lead to good service standards for consumers.”

It is clear by the mere fact that the CWU Four Pillars campaign is even necessary in order to focus Royal Mail negotiators on Moya Green’s words, as they continue to take a stance that only promotes the direct opposite!

Group operating profit before transformation costs rose by seven per cent to £323m, reflecting the impact of cost-avoidance measures including improved core network productivity, headcount reduction and IT transformation.

The company’s cost avoidance programme remains on course to deliver around £190m in operating cost savings by the end of 2017/18 The company’s full year performance will of course be dependent on the important upcoming Christmas period. In preparation the company is recruiting over 20,000 staff and opening six temporary parcel sorting centres.

Commenting on Royal Mail’s latest half year results (released today 16th November), the Communication Workers Union (CWU) said the company’s latest financial performance shows the company can honour the promises on protecting pay and pensions made to our members at the time of privatisation.

Terry Pullinger, CWU Deputy General Secretary said:

“In considering these results, one has to remember that this is no ordinary commercial business, it has the responsibility to deliver the Universal Service Obligation of a delivery to every address in this country at a uniform price, six days a week.

These results show CWU members have played a critical role in delivering another solid set of financial results and we intend to ensure that the promises made at the time of privatisation to protect the USO and the employment, standard of living and retirement security of those who deliver it, are properly honoured.

The latest results demonstrate that our members are living up to their part of the bargain, delivering an excellent service and we will insist that the Board of Royal Mail Group live up to theirs.

Results that become increasingly dependent on attacks on our members’ pensions, terms and conditions will be opposed by the CWU. We never believed that the British Postal Service would be safe in private hands.

The promoters of privatisation promised investment, innovation, a diversified revenue generating portfolio and the protection of this great public service.

That is not happening but shareholder dividends continue to increase year on year.

It is easy to blame Trade Unions but the touchstones of success for shareholders and those that would look to make money out of a treasured public service are destroying the Royal Mail.”

Responding to the results, Dave Ward CWU General Secretary added:

“The privatisation of Royal Mail has never has never looked more ridiculous that it does today. The half-year results see a record £68million go to private shareholders at the say time postal workers are under more pressure than ever to work harder, faster and cheaper.

The CWU will be working with the Labour Party in the coming months to ensure that when a change of government takes place, returning Royal Mail to public ownership is a priority.

For now, it is clear this company can afford to reward our members for the work they do on a daily basis and we will be making sure they do.”

Terry also issued this video message to all CWU members affected by the current Royal Mail plans to destroy the terms and conditions of their workforce along with the pensions of both current and future workers of the company:

Reiterating the Union’s stance, Labour’s Leader Jeremy Corbyn issued this message in support of the CWU, whilst criticising the privatisation of Royal Mail and promising to take it back into the hands of those it was stolen from – the British public!

You can download the CWU Research document which was attached to the letter to postal branches, LTB628/17 here

Posted: 1st January 2018

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