Disabled, Homeless, The Young And The Old Battle Against X-Factor For Crimbo No1

Disabled, Homeless, The Young And The Old Battle Against
X-Factor For Crimbo No1

This year’s general election saw the biggest reject of Tory Austerity and their attacks on the disabled, homeless, elderly and the youth of our country, at the same time as pitting worker against worker, unemployed against worker, generations against one another and continued their aims of privatising the NHS.

Whilst the General Election did not oust them from power, it certainly weakened them!

In the meantime the TV media continued to ‘dumbdown’ our viewing habits and hide realities of life with TV news which omitted more than it included in its biased political news reporting.

Homelessness increases, disabled are literally dieing (120,000 being the current figure), the youth of today have no future and prospects for quality careers, decent pay and terms and condition at work are things of the past, and the NHS is now in critical condition awaiting Americanisation after Brexit!

Well, enough is enough says The People’s Assembly of Trade Unions, Charities and celebrities with conscience!

As was the case under Thatcher and now under her ghost – Theresa May – music is seen as the key to getting the message across that we have had enough.

Despite the BBC Radio and TV networks banning Capt Ska musical video and CDs earlier this year, once again they are back with a challenge for the X-Factor brigade with real music and a real protest song which they hope will hit No1 in time for Christmas 2017, beating the usual prefabricated musaq of corporations and the untalented.

On sale on 15th December, with ALL proceeds from sales going to the UK’s too numerous food banks; here is a snippet of what is to be, with your support the Crimbo 2017 No 1 on the music charts!

Source: The People’s Assembly / C Ingram

Posted: 1st January 2017

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