Discovered By Labour – The Final Frontier Of UK Politics – The Youth Vote!

Labour’s 7 Day Mission To Explore And Win Over The Entire Civilisation Of This Frontier

Last night (31st May) at an event in London, the Labour Party in association with Games For The Many, launched their new attack on the ‘final frontier of politics – the Youth voter.

Alternatively known as ‘The Corbyn Manoeuvre’ by Start Trek fans!

Discovered by Jeremy Corbyn and the hundreds of Labour supporters who joined the Labour Party over the last couple of years, this frontier has been ignored by most political parties for the last 10 years, if not longer.

With YouGov now saying that the Youth Vote may well clinch it for the winner of the general election, it is imperative that the overwhelming support for Jeremy Corbyn from Britain’s youth as displayed at Labour’s Battle Bus venues across the UK; is translated into votes next week!

So what is all the fuss about?

Well, simply this:

A new game which can be run on mobile phones called ‘Corbyn Run’ and aimed at helping to win the general election, by galvanising Youth vote and encouraging them to get out bed and vote vote on 8th June!

Take a sneak preview!

John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor said last night:

“Great initiative from Labour supporters. The Tories may own the media but it’s the people with creativity who win.”

The makers of the game explain the concept:

“The game is about building a movement to beat the Tories.
Games can change the way you think. They’re more than just entertainment, they can help us engage, teach, influence, spark conversations and start movements for change.

Let’s use the power of games this General Election to make a difference and end Tory rule.”

But what is Games For The Many?

Again, their website explains:

“Games For The Many is a new grouping of Labour members, creatives, gamers and tech enthusiasts.

We’re passionate about making games. From Melenchon’s Fiscal Kombat, to Molleindustria’s Phone Story, to UsVsTh3m’s 2010 viral election games – games have shown a meaningful capacity to help promote and develop ideas and messages, and they’re fun to boot!

That’s why, for this year’s elections, we’re working on new and exciting games about what’s at stake in this upcoming election and why you should vote Labour to help rebuild Britain, for the many, not the few.”

You can go to the website and download Corbyn Run (Android or Apple phones) and be the first to show off to your friends that you are in tune with the growing Frontier of Youth and that they too can join in downloading the game and join you in voting on 8th June – For The Many, Not The Few!

Posted: 1st January 2017

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