Do It For The Many Not The Few – West Kirby Beach And 4,000 People

Do It For The Many Not The Few – West Kirby Beach And 4,000 People

Saturday 20th May 2017 was the day that West Kirby, Wirral hosted one of the biggest political rallies, ever seen in the North West, of this general election.

Jeremy Corbyn At West Kirby Beach saw 4,000 people roar their support for his Labour policies that have been long time in coming for the people of the North West and of the whole nation.

In an atmosphere more akin to a pop concert, full of anticipation, hope, and outright adoration of a politician the people see as saving the working people, elderly, infirm, disabled, and homeless; from even greater poverty than that which they have endured since the bankers crimes of 2008.

As Jeremy said, we have all ended up paying for their crimes through swingeing cuts to our public services, wages freezes, being ripped off by power companies; and losing huge amounts in cuts to social security support for unemployed and disabled. At the same time in-work poverty has risen, so too have the number of working people ,including nurses, having to use food banks.

Jeremy arrived to tumultuous cheers and waving of placards from a huge crowd, almost half of whom were the younger generation, and the playing of Merseyside band The Farm 1991 hit single ‘Altogether Now’, which also ended the rally some 40 or so minutes later.

Jeremy’s 35 minute speech culminated in a resounding clarion call for people to support his policies and vote for a Labour Government on 8th June.

Telling the crowd of people of all generations that, “We can upset the very powerful on June 8th by electing Labour MPs, by electing a Labour Government! “.

The climax of his speech had him urging the crowd at the top of his voice:

“Let’s go for it! Let’s do it for those that have gone before. Let’s do it for those to come it. Let’s do it for the many not the few!”

The end of his speech saw him spend some ten to fifteen minutes signing autographs to the continual chanting of “Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy” from mostly the younger voters enthralled with his speech.

The event also included a speech from West Kirby’s Margaret Greenwood standing again in the Wirral West constituency were she beat the last Tory incumbent in 2015.

She warned the crowd that the NHS “..will not survive the next five years under a Tory Government”

The future of Hilbre Island and the wildlife in the waters around West Kirby are also under threat from energy comp Tories refuse to ban any exploration beneath the Dee estuary and beneath the island, which will have devastating effects upon the natural beauty of the area and of the wildlife in the waters around the area. The seals in particular that populate the waters near Hilbre will be devastated she said.

Margaret was introduced by a young school teacher from the local school, whose name it appeared Steve Rotherham, newly elected Liverpool City Region Mayor, had some problem getting right, as he introduced her to the cheering crowd.

Below you can watch the event in full, so sit back with a coffee and enjoy the sincerity and conviction of a Labour leader, and future Prime Minister we have been waiting for, for so long!

Posted: 1st January 2017

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