Four Pillars Update – External Mediation

Following the court case which supported the Royal Mail’s case stopping industrial action by CWU Royal Mail employees, the Union has today advised its postal workers Branches that an external Mediator has now been appointed from the jointly agreed panel of six, established when the Agenda for Growth Agreement was signed.

The CWU has already raised our concerns about the delay in appointing the Mediator and that any delay should be factored into the overall timeframe for the mediation process, as detailed in our legally binding Agreement.

The first face to face meeting with the Mediator and Royal Mail Group will take place on Thursday 26th October. In advance we will be sending our mediation pack which contains our assessment of the dispute, the fundamentals of the Union’s case and the policies required for resolution.

We will also be making it absolutely clear that we have effectively been forced into this process and will not accept any deliberate delaying tactics by Royal Mail Group to simply stop CWU members exercising their democratic right to take industrial action.

The Union will also make clear that as Royal Mail Group wanted this opportunity for mediation the onus is therefore on them to make a substantial movement from their current position if these talks are to be successful.

Source: CWU LTB571/17

Posted: 1st January 2017

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