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With the sudden and unexpected decision by un-elected Tory PM Theresa May to call for a General Election on 8th June, the situation for workers, retired, ill and disabled people, the youth and children of the UK; could not be more horrendous, both in terms of today and the future, if May is returned as PM with a huge Tory majority.

Gone will be not only our membership of the EU, but the leaving of it will be severe and unconditionally harsh for this country – unless of course you are very very rich!

When the CWU’s Annual Conference was held last month in Bournemouth, delegates from the Union’s across the UK gathered with one major thing in mind – the intentions of the Tory Government towards both Brexit and Worker’s rights!

Brexit is being used by the Tories as an excuse to abolish hundreds of years of hard won worker’s rights and to follow Trump’s America into oblivion for the majority of people in the UK as we emulate the US lack of employment rights such as paid holiday leave, sick leave, maternity leave, not to mention the ease in which workers can be dismissed without recall to justice.

Already May has decided that the courts will deal with employment issues normally determined by Parliament in her aim to abolish completely all protection from bullying and despot employers, of which sadly there are too many currently.

Employment rights, health and safety at work protection legislation, equality legislation, holidays, sick pay, holiday pay, maternity/paternity leave, the NHS and more are already at risk if the Tories get re-elected.

Remember what even a previous Tory PM had to say on the NHS during the Brexit referendum campaign last year?

Well, read it on the left!

But it is not only about worker’s rights.

The damage to schools, food safety legislation, Health and safety at Work legislation, environmental standards, consumer protection, not to mention increases in taxes; all make this election the most crucial one in the last 100 years!

Here, we present the reasons and information for why you MUST Vote on 8th June and why you MUST vote for Labour if you want to retain all the rights you currently have, and gain even more!

They Voted For Our Children’s Children
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Media Outright Bias Against Corbyn Continues With Outrageous Claims Against Him Following London And Manchester Attacks 
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Warnings About NHS Cuts Come To Fruition As 14 Hospitals Told To Prepare For Swingeing Cuts To Their Budgets
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Labour’s Big Rally In Birmingham Ignored By Media
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Generations Come Together Celebrating Labour Policies Of Prosperity For All
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Youth Are Gearing Up For ‘Get Your Mates Out Of Bed’ Thursday!
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All Out For Last Week Of Labour’s Campaign To Save NHS,
Worker’s Rights And Triple Lock

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Discovered By Labour – The Final Frontier Of UK Politics – The Youth Vote!
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“Voting Tory Makes You Complicit In Deaths Of The Disabled”
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The Truth About The NHS And Why The Tories Will Destroy It
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A Letter From America Warns UK Not To Vote For A Gov That Privatises Our NHS read it here

Theresa May Admits To Andrew Neil She Will Asset Strip The NHS
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Jeremy To Appear In Live Televised Debate On BBC Tonight >read and watch video here

Teacher Calls Out The BBC Bias In News Editing
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Campaigning Around The Region For Labour
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She’s A Liar, Liar – Put Some Truth And Music Into this Election!
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Why Elli Long, Dan Lewis, Chris Egan And Their Peers Will Determine Our Future
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We Need To Win And You Are Needed To Help In NW Labour Campaigns!
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The Full Transcript Of Jeremy Corbyn’s Speech On Terrorism
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Jeremy Corbyn Sends Message To Manchester Bomb Victims And Their Families
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BBC Newsnight Leads Attack On Jeremy Corbyn’s Friday Speech
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Do It For The Many Not The Few – West Kirby Beach And 4,000 People
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When It’s Not Stage Managed Media Are Scuppered By The Public
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Do You  Really Want The Return Of Thatcherism And The Evils Of The 80/90s?
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Theresa May Manipulates Google To Put Stop To People
Reading About Dementia Tax

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Tory ‘Dementia Tax’ Forces Insurance Schemes And Robs Families Of
Loved Ones Homes

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Look Back At 2015 Superb Jeremy Corbyn Speech At Manchester Cathedral 
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Jeremy Corbyn Challenges Theresa May To Debate Policy With Him
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Corbyn Launches The Labour Party Manifesto 2017
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Alison McGovern Wirral South MP Sends A Video Message To CWU Members
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Your Medical Data Is Not Safe With The NHS – Jeremy Hunt Saw To That! 
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What Is The Truth Of Labour’s Defence Strategy? 
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Let’s Show Theresa May The Front Door on 8th June Says Gordon And Alison
Gordon Brown in Wirral on the Campaign trail 

For The Many Not The Few – Labour Launches Election Campaign
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Jeremy Corbyn Condemns Britain’s Rigged System
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Tories Get Away With Election Fraud As CPS Is Nobbled
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CWU Stands Up Against Racism In The General Election 
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Stand Up For Our Grandparents -Increase The State Pension For Our Elderly People
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The Truth and The Damn Tory Lies On Immigration as revealed by the Daily Telegraph and the ONS!
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Angela Rayner Expels Gove From Education Classes
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What Next For Prensioner’s – NPC Briefing On Implications Of GE 2017
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Police Cuts In Your Area
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Labour’s 20 Point Plan For Work
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Beds for patients suffering from malnutrition trebled under this government!
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May Refuses To Accept Government Has Responsibility For Surge In Foodbanks
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Stand Together United And Kick Out This Tory Government 
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Labour’s Pledge on Brexit
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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid If You Are A Worker, Pensioner Or Trade Unionist
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Posted: 1st January 2017

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