I Can’t Live On £100 Per Month May Told In Oxford

On the first day Theresa May stops hiding from the public, she is immediately confronted on the plight of the disabled and mental health sufferers by a woman who has learning difficulties.

She told May that she cannot live on the PIP and wants her disability living allowance money back. Telling the Tory leader that she cannot live on what she is now being given by the state, she said: "I can’t live on a hundred pounds a month! They took it all away from me!"

But, she added that it was not just about herself as, " I mean people in wheel chairs, and everybody, not just myself, for all of us….. The fat cats keep everything and us lot get nothing!"

In response May chirped up with the usual nonsense about having ‘great plans’ for mental health in this country and that the aim was to ensure those in real need received the support.

You can watch the confrontation over Personal Independence Payments here:


Posted: 1st January 2017

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