Jeremy Corbyn Speech Following London Terror Attack

Following the latest terrorist attack in London last night (4th June), Jeremy Corbyn spoke in Cardiff, during which he condemned the Tories for their record on cutting Police numbers.

Speaking as Home Secretary in 2015 to the Police Federation annual conference, Theresa May accused them of "crying wolf" and of being "no sue to your fellow police officer".

Since 2010 when Mrs May became Home Secretary, 1,337 trained firearms officers have been cut, and whilst Corbyn referred to that as being a possible problem for preventing home grown terrorism, he was accused of making party political capital out of the deaths of the victims of Manchester two weeks ago.

Today, Theresa May used her speech outside number 10 to announce policy changes to the fight against terrorism on our streets.

Here is what Jeremy Corbyn had to say this evening:

Source: Jeremy Corbyn

Posted: 1st January 2017

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