Jeremy To Appear In Live Televised Debate On BBC Tonight

Even as the likes of the Daily Telegraph and other Tory-controlled right wing media report the lie that Jeremy Corbyn refuses to debate Theresa May, despite making several public request for her to debate him on TV; the Labour Leader has confirmed he will appear on this evening’s BBC TV live debate irrespective of whether or not she takes him up on his request that she attends too.

He has on numerous occasions, challenged Theresa May to debate with him on live TV debates, including during a party political broadcast! Despite this the media at first ignored his requests; and latterly have repeatedly stated the lie that BOTH leaders refuse to debate!

Here, we put the record straight!

20th May 2017 (West Kirby beach rally)

19th May 2017 (Party Political Broadcast)

11th May 2017 (Manifesto launch speech)

Posted: 1st January 2017

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