John McDonald Shadow Chancellor Lays Out Policies On Europe And The Economy

Commitments to fighting against loss of worker’s rights, remaining in the European Single Market, and rejecting all forms of trade agreements similar to the TTIP.

He also gave thanks to Owen Smith MP for the work he has done working with Jeremy Corbyn on policies to tackle the Tory’s policies of austerity. Mentioning too a number of MPs and individuals for the work they have done for the Labour Party and successes in parliament.

The slogan ‘Patriots Pay Their Taxes’ was highlighted as an excellent twitter hash tag to use as we campaign against those who do not pay taxes. He also said the ‘scourge of Tax avoidance’ will be stopped and a new department within the HMRC will be set up to tackle tax dogging companies.

His closing comments included reference to the city of his birth – Liverpool. He said these profound words:

"In the birthplace of John Lennon, it falls upon us to inspire people to imagine again!"

You can watch his full speech here:

Source: Labour Party / YouTube

Posted: 1st January 2016

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