Labour Must Reverse Employment Tribunal Costs And Time Limits

NEC member Ellie Reeves, in her last of a ten year tenure on the NEC, spoke today highlighting the injustice of changes to industrial tribunals regulations such as timescale reduction for claims and the swingeing costs people face in trying to get justice for the appalliong and illegal way they have been treated by employers.

Those suffering from sexual harassment at work, unfair dismissal, and forced by the way they have been treated to leave the business they work for and make themsleves unemployed, are niow facing huge financial fees before even getting their case heard.

She announced that Labour will reverse all of the changes to industrial tribunals, and especially the fees people must pay in order to get justice for the harm they have been caused by their employer.

Ellie, an employment lawyer spoke from personal expereince of the injustice that those she represents have faced:

Source: YouTube

Posted: 1st January 2016

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