May Spends £1 Billion To Save Her Job As Thousands Of Nurses Leave NHS

On the 69th Birthday of the founding of the NHS, this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday (5th July) saw Jeremy Corbyn attacking the Tory’s and the PM in particular for their hypocrisy and lies about austerity; crushing their stance that austerity is forced upon them by Labour’s financial mishandling of the economy some 7 years ago!

Referring to the deal with the DUP to give Northern Ireland £1 Billion additional funding during the lifetime of this 2 year Parliament as a bribe for them to prop up May’s premiership and her government; the Labour leader established that austerity is indeed a Tory policy choice!

"well, the Prime Minister found £1 Billion to keep her own job, why can’t she find the same amount of money to keep our nurses and teacher in their job, who after all serve all of us?" he asked to a very loud attempt by Tory MPs to halt his justified attack on the Government:

Source: Parliament TV

Posted: 1st January 2017

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