May Uses Terror Attack To Make Policy Announcements Whilst Corbyn Keeps Politics Out Of It

May Uses Terror Attack To Make Policy Announcements Whilst
Corbyn Keeps Politics Out Of It

Once again in the space of less than 2 weeks, this website is having to report on the political implications around yet another terrorist attack in this country.

London, Saturday 3rd June 22:00 and three men drive into pedestrians on London Bridge and then proceed on a frenzied knife attack against women and men in the local pubs before being killed by armed police. All within a space of some 10 minutes.

Whilst our thoughts must be with the victims of this appalling act of barbary, the media is reporting too on the political elements of this attack.

Theresa May, in her speech this morning could have spoken words purely concerned with the victims of this attack and with support for the people of this country and the police and security services. But she didn’t.

Instead she opened up the political debate with words that were quite bluntly party political in her 7 minute speech, whilst Jeremy Corbyn refused to get drawn into the political aspects of this latest attack on the people of the non-ISIS World!

Interviewed on Sky News this morning, this is what Jeremy Corbyn had to say:


Sky news continued with the political theme by reporting positively on Theresa May’s speech and on the BBC, whilst criticising Corbyn and Labour on the issues around the prevention of terrorism.

So who is right – the Tory PM or Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn?

For that answer, watch this from this morning’s Sky News. Sky interviewed Former Chief Inspector Peter Kirkham from the Met Police to discuss the Government’s attitudes towards policing and with specific concerns for the current situation.

He laid the blame for problems in tackling home-grown terrorism with the cuts in ordinary policing and in armed police officers and the lack of armed officers across the country. This is what he had to say:

Speaking to LBC Radio earlier, he could not have been more blunt in blaming the policies of this Tory Government for the situation regarding the prevention of terrorism and the gathering of intelligence prior to plots being instigated.

Durign the inerview he said:

"Since 2010 when Mrs May became Home Secretary, 1,337 trained firearms officers have been cut. After the Manchester attack, 984 soldiers were put on the streets to free up police!"

Yet of course the Police Federation were accused by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary of ‘..crying wolf!"

Source: Sky News / BBC News / LBC Radio / C Ingram

Posted: 1st January 2017

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