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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC)

Climate change is here + we’ve got a deadline: 12 years left to cut emissions in half. A #GreenNewDeal is our plan for a world and a future worth fighting for. How did we get here? What is at stake? And where are we going? Please watch & share widely ⬇️

Peter Stefanovic (@PeterStefanovi2)

A powerful video from @CWUnews, a union calling out the Government when mainstream media fails

The CWU (@CWUnews)


The CWU (@CWUnews)

Here is our latest podcast - we sat down with former National Officer, Bob Gibson. He talked about his time in the union and how to be a CWU Rep. You won’t want to miss this one ⬇️ 🎧

The CWU (@CWUnews)

A very important #FourPillars video update from DGSP Terry Pullinger ▶️🎥 *This video runs at 19 mins due to the amount of content covered inc. the recent culture visits, the shorter working week, recent rumours etc. Click here..

The CWU (@CWUnews)

The Tories have broken the streets our members walk everyday - it’s time to take them back #VoteLabour

John McDonnell MP (@johnmcdonnellMP)

CWU, a union that tells it as it is.

Laura Pidcock MP (@LauraPidcockMP)

Postmen & women walk the streets of our communities & have seen the decimation that's taken place over the last decade: high streets turning into ghost towns; people sleeping rough & community spirit being sapped. There is an alternative, if we pull together. #VoteLabour

Jennifer Forbes (@Jen4TruroAndFal)

If you haven’t seen this yet, you need to give it a watch!

The CWU (@CWUnews)

🎬 Solid support for #TheCWU from our London Division yesterday at the #FourPillars Unit Reps Briefing 💪 See the highlights of today here..... 👏

CWU North West Youth (@CWUNWYW)

Out today meeting members and getting the @CWUnews #OurHours petition signed @CWU_AndyKerr @NWCWU 💪

Lionel Openshaw (@LionelOpenshaw)

Please watch and share!

Jude Mckaig (@mckaig_jude)

Fantastic video staring my TULO comrade @Braade_JGC. Our communities are suffering at the hands of the Tories and they need a Labour Government now. #VoteLabour @CWUnews

Jennie Formby (@JennieGenSec)

Great video from @CWUnews “The Tories have broken the streets our members walk everyday - it’s time to take them back” #VoteLabour

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Great to pay a visit to @novaramedia tonight to take a look at their set up and discuss comms. Thanks to @michaeljswalker and Gary for the hospitality. Keep your 👀 out for some exciting plans #TheCWU

Eastern Regional Learning (@ErLearning)

The @CWUnews has become one of the most politically influential unions in the UK.We understand the link between politics and the fate of workers and their lives #VoteLabour #JC4PM

cllr alan hall (@cllralanhall)

Who’s streets? Our streets...great video from the @CWUnews

Julianne Regan (@msjulianneregan)

It's time to take back the streets, from poverty and atrophy, and to allow life to be be breathed back into them, but not in an angry way, not in a rifle-wielding Farage of Farage Hall style, but in an honest, clear and focused way, at the ballot box.

The CWU (@CWUnews)

We’ve created a political broadcast with the voices and images of our members Please help us share it as widely as possible ↗️

Dave Ward (@DaveWardGS)

The Tories have trashed our streets. It’s time to take them back 💪🏼

Cara Hilton (@cara_hilton)

📺"The Tories have broken the streets our members walk everyday - it's time to take them back". Watch & share this excellent video from @CWUnews 👇

Michelle 🌹 (@mconway70)

This is sad & wonderful at the same time but definitely worth a watch & RT!! #VoteLabour

Tony Bouch (@Tony_Bouch)

Great work as always 👏👏👏

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

Great video from #TheCWU highlighting the misery inflicted by this Tory Gov ➡️more working poor ➡️more children living in poverty ➡️more people using foodbanks ➡️social care for the elderly & disabled on the verge of collapse We can do so much better... #VoteLabour2May

lefty (@Lefty7062)


(((Dawn Butler MP))) (@DawnButlerBrent)

Gosh this got me a little emotional....

Brad Baines (@bradtbaines)

Powerful imagery. The Tory and Lib Dem austerity has severely damaged our communities and pushed our local services to the edge. The only way to oppose furthercuts is to #VoteLabour2May

Steve Rotheram (@MetroMayorSteve)

Nobody sees more of our communities than our hardworking posties. Ahead of the local elections, @CWUnews reveal what their members see every day: almost a decade of ideological Tory austerity has ripped the heart out of communities across the country. #VoteLabour

Eastern Fire Brigades Union (@EasternFBU)

New video from our comrades in the CWU #BrokenStreets #RebuildBritain @CWUnews @cwuEastern__No5

K C (@kc1928)


Matthew Broadley (@MattWBroadley)

Great, powerful video. Change is coming

Couldbe Yue (@CouldbeYue)


Jon Trickett (@jon_trickett)

What a great video this is. Posties are found at the core of every community. We can hear their voices as we lament the effects of austerity. The CWU is a great union: putting neighbourliness back into our neighbourhoods. #fortheMany

Peter Stefanovic (@PeterStefanovi2)

Nine years of Tory austerity has broken the streets of Britain & nobody knows this better then @CWUnews & its members who walk them every single day. It’s time for change #VoteLabour

Margaret Williams (@binny1961)

Nothing hits home harder than the truth. This is Tory Britain

Cameron Matthews (@C4meronM4tthews)

Powerful & moving video from @CWUnews

Dawn Jeffery (@dawnyjeffery)

Slight voiceover in this well 2 sentences my claim to fame.. please share ....

Ben Sellers (@MrBenSellers)

“Our once vibrant high streets, reduced to ghost towns.” Superb, hard-hitting video from @CWUnews. It wasn’t always like this, and it doesn’t have to be our future. #VoteLabour

CWU North West Youth (@CWUNWYW)

Amazing yet emotional video #TheCWU #VoteLabour 🌹

jackie schneider (@jackieschneider)

Listen to your Postie ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Rachel Hopkins 🌹 (@rach_hopkins)

A clear and sad demonstration of what nearly 10 years of Tory government has done. Great to have solidarity from @CWUnews being shoulder to shoulder with @UKLabour candidates - keeps us going when we’re out campaigning! Vote Labour on 2 May 🌹@CWUEastRegion

eugene nowakowski (@molecularcont)

Here's the TRUTH Not what The' May says BUT here is the TRUTH rt

Jessie Joe Jacobs (@JesJoeJac)

Compelling and powerful video by @CWUnews - with @Braade_JGC as the face of it. A definite watch!

The CWU (@CWUnews)

The Tories have broken the streets our members walk everyday - it’s time to take them back #VoteLabour

Dave Ward (@DaveWardGS)

Four years ago today I was elected General Secretary of @CWUnews. What an honour and a privilege the last four years have been. We've still got a lot of work to do but I'm ready for it. Thank you for all your support!

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Terry Pullinger DGSP opening the #FourPillars briefing with our London Division today #TheCWU

The CWU (@CWUnews)