New Dangerous Dogs Law Explanatory DVD Available

If you want to know all there is to know about UK’s laws pertaining to Dogs and dangerous dogs in particular, a new authoritative DVD has just been released, Dave Joyce has reminded all in a letter to CWU branches this month.

Cooper & Co Solicitors (“Dog Law”) with the UK’s top Dangerous Dogs Law Lawyer Trevor Cooper have announced that a new Dangerous Dog Laws 2017 DVD is now available to buy.

Those wishing to purchase the up-to-date DVD explaining the principle dangerous dog laws as they apply in England and Wales, specialist ‘Dog-law’ Solicitor Trevor Cooper ("The Legal Beagle") has a new 2hr 10min presentation available which explains the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, the Dogs Act 1871 and the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953.  

  • The DVD costs £9.99 (including P&P)
  • It is supplied with an electronic booklet
  • Available exclusively from ‘Dog-Law’ (Cooper & Co Solicitors)
  • The new DVD follows on from the successful series of seminars delivered by Trevor Cooper across the UK earlier this year. 

For further information, contact Cooper & Co Solicitors:

Tel: 01304 755 557
email: or
snailmail: Cooper & Co Solicitors,
The Old Boiler House, Menzies Road, Whitfield, Dover CT16 2HQ

Source: Dave Joyce / CWU

Posted: 1st January 2017

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