North West Regional Committee AGM 2017

The North Regional Committee AGM this year took place at the Mechanics Institute in Manchester as part of the North West Regional Conference. Over 90 delegates from CWU branches across the region assembled in the main conference hall where Regional Secretary, Carl Webb welcomed them and ran through the agenda and documentation for the meeting.

The minutes of the last AGM were agreed and they can be downloaded here

Carl advised the AGM that his Regional Report was contained in the AGM documentation and suggested that rather than take time to present it, delegates can read it at their leisure.

It is worth though to highlight his opening remarks to his report:

“As always, I would like to begin by thanking all the Regional Officers, Branch Officials and our Organisers for all their hard work and support throughout the year.

2016 was another challenging year for the union and the whole of the Labour movement. A special thank you to Angela and Dan. Trust me without them the region would not be the force it is, especially with the limited time and resources.”

You can download Carl’s Regional Secretary’s Report 2016 in PDF format here

The Region’s motions for Conference were agreed as you can see in the video above, with the AGM agreeing to them all going forward to the Union’s General Conference in April.

You can download the details of the motions in PDF format here

The next item on the agenda was a short ceremony to honour the many years of dedicated work on behalf of the CWU by the former Regional Chair, Richard Morgan.

This was then followed by an update on national and local level issues by Andy Kerr, Deputy General Secretery T&FS (Telecoms and Financial Services) section of the Union.

The reports and video of the speeches can be found here:

Honorary Membership Award To Richard Morgan

Guest speaker Andy Kerr DGS T&FS

Posted: 1st January 2017

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