North West Regional Secretary

My name is Carl Webb and I am the North West Regional Secretary of the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

As the Regional Secretary I work directly to the General Secretary and have responsibility for overseeing the Regional Committees, branches, political & trade union activity, regional activists training, liaising with ACAS, working with the media, co-ordinating national/regional campaigns/disputes and representing the region in its dealings with the TUC and Labour party.

At present we are involved in a number of high profile campaigns i.e. Fighting the Cuts, Keep the Post Public, Dangerous Dogs – Bite Back campaign, Delivering Digital Britain, Agency Workers, The People’s Bank, and campaigning against far right organisations.

The CWU along with other trade unions and other organisations are campaigning hard against the Government’s cuts.

The government’s savage spending cuts are politically motivated and will damage public services and put more than a million out of work (public and private sector jobs) which will reduce revenue collected from taxes and see benefit payments rising. The economics of the madhouse!

The government says that rapid cuts cannot be avoided and that they have no alternative. We disagree.

There is an alternative to cuts in public services

  • £95 billion is lost every year through tax evasion and tax avoidance by big business and wealthy individuals
  • Another £27.7 billion is uncollected every year by HM Revenue & Customs, because of cuts in staff
  • Introducing a Robin Hood Tax – a tiny 0.05 per cent tax on financial speculators – could raise $400 billion globally
  • Almost £2billion is being spent on privatising the NHS
  • The public now owns several banks – their profits should be used to create jobs and protect services to the elderly and the vulnerable
  • Stopping the replacement of, for example, Trident, would save £78 billion
  • Cracking down hard on the obscene bonuses of bankers – who caused this mess in the first place – would raise billions more.

Postal Privatisation

The region is campaigning to halt the coalition Government’s plans to privatise Royal Mail which will threaten thousands of postal jobs, the Universal Service and thousands of Post Offices by breaking the link. You can help stop the government selling off your Royal Mail by contacting your MP and asking them to vote against the Postal Services Bill and if they don’t then you will campaign against them at the next general election.

We will highlight all our ongoing campaigns and disputes via this website.

On occasions we will ask members and the public to actively support us this could be by attending rallies or writing and visiting your MPs. Never underestimate the influence that you have on our elected representatives.

I would encourage members to attend union meetings and take part in ballots whether that is locally or nationally.

It’s your union, have your say.

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking my fellow regional officers for their contributions to this website and Chris Ingram for doing a brilliant job designing and maintaining the site.

Many thanks
Carl Webb
Regional Secretary

You can contact me via email: