Post Office Pay Claim 2018 Submitted

CWU have submitted a formal pay claim letter, which was endorsed by the Postal Executive earlier this week, to Paula Vennells, Post Office Group Chief Executive.

The pay claim letter can be downloaded here

Writing to all CWU Post Office Branches, Andy Fury said:

Our claim is both reasonable and affordable due to the improving financial position of the Post Office which our members have contributed to. Our members deserve to be fairly rewarded, particularly as last year’s imposed pay award was significantly below inflation meaning members’ living standards declined.

The key features to the pay claim, which is for all CWU represented grades in the Post Office, are as follows:

• Above-inflation (RPI) consolidated pay increase flowing through to     all Allowances including London Weighting
• Unconditional pay claim (no strings)
• Joint reviews of all Incentive Schemes
• Improvements to Scheduled Attendance rates for Crew members
• Annual Leave entitlement – equality for all (6 weeks annual leave).

Also contained within the letter is the option to explore a multi-year pay agreement, particularly if an agreement included a settlement to our recently submitted pension claim.

We have agreed to meet the Post Office on Monday 23rd April to commence pay negotiations.

In addition, the plan is to meet with management over the coming weeks to discuss our pensions claim and there is a possibility that these two issues will converge.

Further developments will be reported when meaningful progress has been made.

Source: CWU LTB198/18

Posted: 1st April 2018

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