Postal Union Reps Facing Victimisation By Royal Mail Conference Told

CWU News reports from the union’s annual conference this week and highlights a debate at the Postal Conference which took place yesterday 25th April.

Described as “totally unacceptable”, the victimisation of CWU reps by Royal Mail managers at several workplaces around the country was the  subject of a debate which called for “all means at our disposal” to defend them.

CWU News gives the details:

Pic: CWU LogoIn the debate, branch delegates from Bristol, Newcastle, South Wales and Wessex South Central each spoke of instances in which unit reps had been unfairly disciplined by management, while other speakers asked whether this was part of a concerted attack by the company on our front line activists.

Rob Wotherspoon, from Bristol, told conference that there will be a branch-wide strike ballot if the unit rep currently under a formal conduct process is dismissed by the business, while similar action is possible at 10 delivery offices in the South Wales Amal Branch, according to Les Evans from South West and South Wales Division.

In his contribution, North East divisional rep Bob Maguire said that he and the Anglia divisional rep Barry Jennings had carried out a study of disciplinary cases taken out by the company against reps and had found that there were 10 in the North East, 10 in the Midlands and other cases in both London and Scotland.

“When you look at it, there’s something going on around the country,” said Bob, adding that “reps are being charged with bullying and harassment because they’re protecting members.”

Giving an example, he told of a case involving a rep in Yorkshire, who has been suspended for six months but has not yet had a formal interview.

“This is an effective rep, who’s been taken out of the office without the company even holding an official interview,” he explained, adding that this appears to be an emerging pattern.

DGSP Terry Pullinger said: “Management should take a look in the mirror before accusing people of bullying.”

Urging conference to support the motion, he said that the union was “drawing a line” and would “get to grips” with the situation.

“All of the people mentioned know they’re getting the backing of the national union,” he vowed.

Source: CWU News

Posted: 1st January 2016

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