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Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

Excellent work by the @CallCentreCol and @cwu_scotland 👏

CWUHA (@cwuha)

We still wince 😯 when we see these pictures and it's still easier to just affiliate for 50p week 👇🏿

The CWU (@CWUnews)

In comparison to the 0% of people who think this tweet was a good idea. Get yourselves a mirror, look in it and ask why, in the middle of a pandemic, your employees are willing to lose pay to defend themselves. Solidarity with @UCU

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

The Trade Union 'A Team' out leafleting today for @CliveGrunshaw1 As John had to leave early to do the shopping he sent us a pic from Asda 🛒

Dave Kennedy (@DaveKennedyCWU)

Quite how a bent Tory getting caught out develops into a conversation about Trade Union influence is beyond me

Charlotte Nichols (@charlotte2153)

British Gas trades on our country's name but doesn't have our country's interests at heart. Fire and rehire is a national disgrace, and in light of British Gas' actions and the wider precedent it sets for all workers, I called on the Government to act #BritishGasFireKeyWorkers

CWU Mersey Branch (@CWUMersey)

Here at CWU Mersey, we would like to take a moment to remember the 96 men, women and children who lost their lives at Hillsborough on this day, 32 years ago. Our thoughts are with the families at this time. #YNWA #JFT96 #CWU #union #Mersey

Tracey Fussey 💫 (@TraceyFussey)

I'm certainly not relaxed!! Bit of a difference between TUs representing and fighting on behalf of their members (the workers) and a bunch of lobbyists.

Brian Parsons (@Parso64)

it's always ordinary people who have to atone for their mistakes and are immediately accountable, whereas the establishment, manoeuvre, wriggle and shirk responsibility, continually avoiding accountability at any cost, justice serves vested interest & not its citizens

Liam Young (@liamyoung)

When trade unions ‘lobby’ MPs they aren’t doing so to line their own pockets with millions of pounds, but to win rights and protections for their members. This incredibly important point seems to be missing in this debate.

Andy McDonald MP 💙 (@AndyMcDonaldMP)

The Government have had ACAS's report on Fire & Rehire since February but have kept it under wraps & failed to respond. Those workers losing their livelihoods will remember this Government abandoned them, their families & communities in their hour of need #StopTheBritishGasFire

SeanLuckett (@SeanCMLuckett)

32 years ago today I was injured so badly at Hillsborough that my parents were advised to turn off my life support. This morning I dropped my 7-year-old at tennis camp. The sun truly does shine now. #JFT96 #Hillsborough #YNWA

Mary Monaghan (@CllrMaryM)

Called in for tea and cake to our lovely new coffee shop #Boxx2Boxx with my friend @ChrisPWebb then a walk around Northenden in the sun. 😎😎 @intouchwyth #upyourstreet #shoplocal #SupportSmallBusinesses


Thoughts and prayers are with all the families of the 96 souls who left home to watch a game of football and never returned ⁦@totaleclipse96⁩ ⁦@DavefcKelly⁩ ⁦@IanByrneMP⁩ ⁦@Kenny9Saunders⁩ ⁦@NWCWU⁩ ⁦⁦@Shrewsbury24C⁩ ⁦@waller73

Andrew Mercer (Join a union) (@andy_mercer)

Dave is right, find a union that represents you, join that union, get involved, get organised and make a difference ✊ I’ll make it easy here’s a link to find a union 😊 @TUCNorthWest @The_TUC @CWUnews @DaveWardGS #cwuandproud #StopTheBritishGasFire

CWUHA (@cwuha)

Football boots and astro turf trainers given new lease of life. @spiritofyouthfc @OriginalWright

Jordan Henderson (@JHenderson)

“I’m sick of seeing people I know, and people I don’t know, having to put up with the kind of abuse that turns my stomach. It has to stop and anyone who has a shred of decency has to play their part in making it stop.”

GMB Union (@GMB_union)

As @Ed_Miliband says, the Government has been sitting on the ACAS report into whether to ban fire and rehire since 17th February. Why aren’t they doing anything about it? @grahamemorris @AndyMcDonaldMP

Marcus Barnett (@marcusbarnett_)

Massive respect to British Gas workers sacked today for refusing to sign new contracts with worse terms & conditions. Fire and rehire would be cowardly in normal times, let alone in a global pandemic, and any decent, civilised society would criminalise it

Andy McDonald MP 💙 (@AndyMcDonaldMP)

And whilst the Government sits on its hands, more workers are being bullied into worse terms and conditions with lower pay and longer hours. They don’t need ACAS to tell them that Fire and Re Hire should be outlawed.

Jim cussons (@JimCussons)

Back on strike action next week... Openreach Repayments Engineers fighting a change in grade to management from engineering and a change in T&Cs.. stepping up to protect the future and the public purse... @CWUnews @NWCWU @MENnewsdesk @CWU_AndyKerr @CWU_ManCom @DaveWardGS

Jim cussons (@JimCussons)

Hi @Afzal4Gorton just to let you know we are back on Industrial Action from Monday 19th April to Friday 23rd April at Dial House on Chapel Street Manchester.. be great if you could pop down and visit us @CWUnews @NWCWU

jay mcgovern (@JayJaymcgovern)

Great to have @SaraGarstecka and other @MDSPNews members as guest speakers/contributors at the @NWCWU H&S forum meeting, shared knowledge and research along with partnership approaches should hopefully reduce dog attacks on our CWU colleagues🤞

Andy McDonald MP 💙 (@AndyMcDonaldMP)

Solidarity with GMB members at British Gas who are on strike today over the use of fire and rehire tactics. They are not just standing up for themselves, but for all workers who could be subjected to fire and rehire threats. Fire and rehire must be outlawed.

Dan Carden MP (@DanCardenMP)

Communications workers have helped keep us connected during the pandemic. Yet BT Group workers face compulsory redundancies at a time when unemployment is rising. I've written to BT Group's CEO urging him to think again and negotiate with @CWUnews. #CountMeIn

Jim cussons (@JimCussons)

Our next Industrial Action will be from 19th April until 23rd great to see you down Dial House on Chapel Street

HOPE not hate (@hopenothate)

We have partnered with everyone's favourite 2021 viral sensation, @jackieweaver, to bring you this important election message. #YourVoteYourVoice

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

Key Workers who put their lives on the line are getting screwed by companies like @BritishGas and @gnwbus Meanwhile our government stands idly by allowing it to happen. Levelling up my arse! #StopTheBritishGasFire

Hazel Nolan (@HazelJN)

If you’re waking up this morning, imagine the plight of British Gas engineers. As key workers they worked through the pandemic to keep the elderly&vulnerable warm. Today they’re getting sacked. No redundancy. Nothing. Why? Because they refused to sign a worse contract.

Paul McCarthy GMB . (@PaulMaccaGMB)

Loyalty cuts both ways ,But not with British Gas and this Government.Both could stop the The Culture of Greed on the Backs of our BG staff . Stop the Sackings Now .Shame on O’Shea @gmbnwi @bplantgmb @GMBCouncillors @Georgie_Patto @SFoodbanks @VLCLiverpool @TUCNorthWest @GMBNI

Mark (@MarkydHolt)

👇👇 This is why we need the whole trade union movement to sign the petition to ban fire and rehire. Solidarity to you Debbie. ✊ Nothing but disgust for #britishgas #BritishGasFiresKeyWorkers

Cooper (@alancooper06)

After 42 Days of Strike Action we finally lost our Industrial Dispute. Losing so many unbelievable colleagues to the immoral Fire & Rehire is beyond heartbreaking! Proud to have stood on the pickets shoulder to shoulder with every one of you! ✊🏼💔✊🏼 #StopTheBritishGasFire


Never cross a picket line!!

Marcus Barnett (@marcusbarnett_)

Not a sinister country at all

Debbie Tinsley (@buddy49561367)

So by this time tomorrow I along with many others will be fired by British Gas. What have we done wrong? Absolutely nothing, we just didn't agree to their new contract that would make us work longer hours for less pay. 30 years of loyal service counts for nothing. 🥲 #britishgas

Clive Grunshaw (@CliveGrunshaw1)

There is only a month left to register for a postal vote. You'll be able to vote early and from the comfort of your own home. Don't let anything stop you having your say in the local, Mayoral and PCC elections on 6th May. #VoteLabour #votefromhome

Clive Grunshaw (@CliveGrunshaw1)

🚨In spite of 10 years of Government cuts, totalling £86m, Government inspectors rated @LancsPolice one of the best & most efficient police forces in the country. Re-elect me on May 6th and let's keep #Lancashire one of the best forces in the country 🗳 #Clive4PCC

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

Petition: Ban fire and rehire employment tactics

Kevin Byrne (@kpb75)

I was supposed to be in work today but British Gas took my van last week effectively locking me out for refusing to sign a much reduced contract. Sign the petition and help stop this appalling abuse of workers and workers rights. #StopTheBritishGasFire #EndFire&Rehire

Rebecca Long-Bailey (@RLong_Bailey)

Solidarity with BT group workers, following worrying reports of compulsory redundancies & downgrading of terms & conditions for workers, at a time when unemployment is rising due to the pandemic. I’ve written to the BT group CEO to relay my concerns 👇@CWUnews #CountMeIn

Monica Lennon (@MonicaLennon7)

It’s very worrying that @Teleperformance plan to use webcams to monitor Scottish workers in their own homes. Call centre work is already low paid, exploitative and precarious. This sinister move must be resisted. Solidarity with @CallCentreCol @cwu_scotland for calling this out.

Craig Anderson (@cwu_scotland)

‘Big Brother’ fears over call centre’s webcam plan to snoop on Scots staff at home - Exposed by ⁦@CallCentreCol

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Five more days of strike action have been announced in Openreach:

Hazards Campaign #Haz2020 #ViralAction (@hazardscampaign)

@CentreGreater Wednesday 28 April 2021 at 11:55am for a special online International Workers' Memorial Day event #IWMD21 This year’s event theme is the Fundamental Right to Safe and Healthy Work ⚠️ Register today ⤵️