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Dave Kennedy (@DaveKennedyCWU)

Pathway to Change Agreement - North West Central Branch - Central Committee Recommendation to the Branch Membership #TheCWU

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Ballot papers are dispatched on Monday for our new national agreement with @RoyalMailGroup We encourage all members to use their vote and vote yes in the ballot.

Labour🌹Unions (@labourunionsuk)

There has never been a more important time to join a union. And never trust the Tories with your workplace rights.

Tony Kearns (@tkearnsy)

Some, by no means all, Trade Unions will mount a defence against this attack on workers, absolute guarantee that this will be followed by further anti-trade union laws! Never been more important to #JoinAUnion

Chris Webb (@ChrisPWebb)

💻Just emailed my MP asking he votes against his Gov’s plans to take £1000 a year from the poorest households on Monday🏠 Sacrifices families have made in 2020 have been unimaginable. We cant ask the poorest to shoulder the burden. With me email your MP📧

Mary Monaghan (@CllrMaryM)

Support to our postal workers. @CWUnews @CWUGreaterManc @NWCWU

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Postie donates Christmas tips to replace boys stolen scooter. Our members are the best of us ❤️

The CWU (@CWUnews)

CWU member raises £25,000 during pandemic Read the full story here:

TUC North West (@TUCNorthWest)

“With no system of paid parental leave and a lack of flexible work for much of the workforce, mums have been left in an impossible situation, at risk of losing their jobs or facing a catastrophic loss of income.” Read @The_TUC full report here👇

TUC North West (@TUCNorthWest)

This is fantastic news 👏 The hard work, dedication and sacrifices of these working people who took 9 weeks of strike action to defend their jobs and the community they love, should never be forgotten. Solidarity @Unite_NorthWest

Andy Kerr (@CWU_AndyKerr)

Important video on our Openreach Repayment Engineers. @BTGroup need to rethink or face a future strike for this group of dedicated employees

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

Well done @unitetheunion 👏and their members who were willing to fight not just for themselves, but also for the local community. #PowerInAUnion

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

So the government are very concerned about the new COVID varient found in Brazil? But they haven't introduced a ban on travel from the South American country. Why not? I thought we had took back control of our borders.

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

Petition: Make access to food a legal right - no one in the UK should go hungry

Peter Dowd (@Peter_Dowd)

Bereavement is a painful but inevitable experience that can require time and space away from work to recover. That's why, along with @Sue_Ryder and many others, I support a right to #BereavementLeaveforall. Find out more at

Paula Barker MP (@PaulaBarkerMP)

Totally agree & in the case of British Gas they are making huge profits for their shareholders whilst attacking the very workers who build the company. The impact of corporate greed is incalculable. Thanks for showing your support.

CWUHA (@cwuha)

Since 1995 many of our convoys departed from the Royal Mail depot in Hull organised by @CWUHull branch officials. So it's brilliant to see them reaffilating in 2021

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

It’s inexcusable that Santander senior managers didn’t realise the hurt and upset they would cause their employees on the Bootle site by teaming up with the S*n. Apologises don’t cut it. They need to immediately cut all ties with this rag!

Andrew Mercer (@andy_mercer)

Well-intended or not this is a shocking decision from Santander Don’t just apologise, actions speak louder than words. Cut all ties with that rag Totally unacceptable and disrespectful @CWUnews @CWUBootleFS

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

Tonight at 7.30pm #TheCWU is holding a big online solidarity ✊🏿✊ session for our Openreach Repayment Planner members who are being balloted on industrial action. Please make sure you join us live on CWU Facebook, YouTube and Twitter #OneUnion #TheCWU

The CWU (@CWUnews)

🎥🎥 Acting National Officer for BT Consumer, Stephen Albon has a short message regarding BT & EE Smart Working plans

neilsmithgmb (@neilsmithgmb)

@gmbnwi⁩ Gas members we salute you, now more than ever we take a deep breath and get ready to go again ! #stopthebritishgasfire@PaulMaccaGMB⁩ ⁦@GMBCouncillors⁩ ⁦@Georgie_Patto

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Join us at 6pm tonight for a live Q&A with @MarkBaulch1 on the delivery elements of the new national agreements. Also, please note the date / time changes for our remaining live sessions. This are detailed in the graphic below 👇

lan Byrne MP (@IanByrneMP)

I’ve written to @GavinWilliamson on behalf of outraged constituents regarding the shameful parcels to families claiming #FreeSchoolMeals. I’ve also asked him to support the #RightToFood. Sign our petition today to make access to food a legal right:

Leigh Drennan (@Leigh_Drennan)

Proud to have successfully tabled a motion at full council to defend the @unionlearn fund. The ULF is so important and provides up skilling, learning and education to workers across the country. For more information check out @learnwithunite @unitetheunion @Unite_NorthWest

Dave Ward (@DaveWardGS)

RT this if you support your local postie. They are working relentlessly to get your mail to you. Some of them have been struck down by covid. Some are isolating. All are doing everything they can to keep the country connected. Please show some patience and understanding.

Mike Amesbury MP (@MikeAmesburyMP)

Pete from my constituency is one of the many engineers working for #BritishGas that have been threatened with the sack if he doesn't sign a new contract-more hours and less pay . I'm supporting him and @GMB_union and telling the C.E.0 to withdraw #fireandrehire contracts.

CWUEssex (@CWUEssex)

📅 This Sunday. 6PM. Ballot eve. Our branch will be speaking to our members and taking questions regarding the national agreement with @RoyalMail To join simply go to the CWU Essex Facebook page.

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

One wonders what these people expect from Postal Workers who have worked all the way through this pandemic so others can stay at home and keep safe. They should be praising them not sledging them. These people need to get a grip!

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Come on then. Let’s start a positive thread. Let us know in the comments below why you love your postie. Our members are under tremendous pressure out there and are doing all they can to keep the country connected.

Julie Gibson (@CllrJGibson)

“Hats off” to Skelmersdale East Cty Cllr John Fillis now one of the trained nurses who will be administering the Covid vaccine; “Vaccination for the nation” - thank you John

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Hi David, do you want us to set up a call with the local CWU Branch for you? You seem to have no idea what our members are going through to keep the country connected. Every piece of mail is vital but none more so than our members safety.

Chris Webb (@ChrisPWebb)

This was shared with by a parent in #Blackpool. This food parcel is supposed to feed their kids for a week. @ScottBentonMP do you think this is accceptable or enough to feed a hungry child in Blackpool for a week? This is from a primary school in your constituency.

CWUHA (@cwuha)

Another branch who have been with us from day one helping us #DeliverSmiles and #MakingADifference

Clive Grunshaw (@CliveGrunshaw1)

👮‍♀️ 👮‍♂️ I would like to invite you to share your views ahead of setting the police budget for the next financial year. Please take the time to complete the survey which can be found at 👉

union safety (@unionsafety)

Whilst @UKLabour ignores the break-up of the #NHS planned by @nhsengland in partnership with US healthcare bosses in the UK, CWU H&S committees in the North West respond to the consultation document! @MarkydHolt @redclocker @CommonsHealth @nwcwu @CerdynJones @JulesU13

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Betrayed by BT: Individual redundancy injustices that unmask management’s lost moral compass. Read more:

GMB Union (@GMB_union)

It’s day five of the British Gas strike. Please show support for these brave workers today ✊ #StopTheBritishGasFire 🔥

Andy Kerr (@CWU_AndyKerr)

All BT members are invited to watch this tomorrow 👇

Laura Smith (@LauraSmithCrewe)

The plan to anger the public against teachers is starting to work. A lot of propaganda being pumped out on targeted Facebook adverts. Imagine if the government put all their energy and resources into dealing with covid instead of dividing us. #SupportTheNEU

Tony Kearns (@tkearnsy)

This is spot on from @GMBGarySmith - solidarity from @CWUnews

Gary Smith (@GMBGarySmith)

They laugh whilst people die, families are left in the cold and their workers have to strike over their threats to sack them. Contrast that with the dignity and decency of @GMB_union members. #StopTheBritishGasFire