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Lancashire Solidarity News (@before_profit)

Distributed to striking RMT rail workers & local CWU postal workers today. 4 points: 1) @OCSDispute march & rally in #Blackpool this Sat. 2) 26 Aug. Support @CWUNLC pickets + @dontpayuk protests. 3) LMTUC #EnoughIsEnough Sept 14 4) Lancaster @WorkersCanWin book launch 20th Oct

Jim McNicholls (@JimMcNicholls)

Our Retired members secretary visiting the RMT picket line at Guide Bridge Station!! Solidarity with all RMT members on strike today

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Our general secretary @DaveWardGS exposing Royal Mail Group’s lies on their pay ‘offer’ #StandByYourPost

The CWU (@CWUnews)

This is not a ballot against change. It’s a ballot against attempts to rip up the terms and conditions of postal workers and destroy one of the strongest trade unions in the UK. Everyone sees you.

TUC North West (@TUCNorthWest)

Solidarity with @RMTunion members taking action today and Saturday ✊ Show your support on a picket line across the region

Jo Grady (@DrJoGrady)

POV: you’re about to take the bosses to the cleaners 🧹

Brian Parsons (@Parso64)

Just got my ticket for this, looks boss. The mighty @DaveWardGS speaking plus @RMTunion Eddie Dempsey, @zarahsultana @IanByrneMP and others. Great music too from @shedrewthegun @mattyjl9. It’s free, tickets are flying, so grab yours: #EnoughIsEnough

PCS North West (@PCS_Northwest)

Join the rally and march in Liverpool this Saturday to say #EnoughIsEnough Speakers including Eddie Dempsey of @RMTunion, @nowak_paul @jane_loftus and PCS Deputy President @cavanagh4 ✊❤️ Bring your family, friends, colleagues, banners and voices 🗣📢🚩

Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders)

Enough is enough. In the U.S. and across the world, working people are fighting back. They are sick and tired of seeing the rich get richer, while workers fall further and further behind. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the UK.

Enough is Enough (@eiecampaign)

Liz Truss says workers in this country need “more graft.” What an insult to the nurses and cleaners and firefighters and posties that they cynically clapped. Britain is full of grafters at the bottom – and grifters at the top. #EnoughIsEnough

Carl Webb - #joinaunion (@NWCWU)

Another massive vote of no confidence in the Royal Mail Group CEO and Chair. They need to listen to their front line employees or face the consequences!

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Capita VMO2 and Tesco members - don't miss tonight's meeting at 6:30pm! More info 👇

OCS Dispute Lancs & South Cumbria (@OCSDispute)

Pickets and supporters this morning at The Harbour Blackburn and Royal Blackburn hospital. Still determined, still fighting for what we deserve. Time OCS paid up! #PayUpOCS #CostOfLiving

Amanda Davies (@amandajdavies10)

Delighted & very proud that 2 brilliant projects I've been involved with @SwanseabayNHS & our many partners have been shortlisted in this year's #NHSWalesAwards2022 @NHSWalesAwards Establishing a #CSA & #TacklingBedPoverty

CWU Preston Brook & Bury (@cwupbburyretail)

@NWCWU @cwuEQUALITY @CWUnews @TraceyFussey @DaveWardGS @CWU_AndyKerr CWU Supporting Halton's 1st Pride event

Carl Webb - #joinaunion (@NWCWU)

Proud that the Region and @cwupbburyretail were part of the very first Halton Pride - what an achievement for all those involved in driving this forward 🌈 @cwueducation @hannahlprice449

TUC North West (@TUCNorthWest)

The following week we will see 115,000 postal workers begin industrial action in Royal Mail Group 🔥📮 Across the country @CWUnews members will be standing strong & across the North West we’ll be standing with them 👥🪧📣 #StandByYourPost

CWUGMERSEY (@cwugmersey)

@CWUnews stall in Liverpool

Enough is Enough (@eiecampaign)

NEW: #EnoughIsEnough has written to prime minister @BorisJohnson imploring him to urgently recall parliament. Sitting down with energy companies and walking away with no new measures is a dereliction of duty. He must act now: stop the October price hike.

Paul Pritchard (@pauljpritchard)

So water has been privatised for 33 years and after all that time a fifth of water leaks away. They say it's too expensive to fix, yet they've paid out £57b to shareholders, surely half that sum would've gone a long way to fix it and still pay dividends???

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Royal Mail Group are not serious about talks on change. The chair and CEO are influencing negotiations from outside the room. That’s why the CWU will not meet them now until both figures enter talks. Get the vote out.

Dave Kennedy (@DaveKennedyCWU)

CWU North West Region; Women of Today event. 15th September 2022 - Save the Date @NWCWU #TheCWU

Brian Parsons (@Parso64)

R M is obviously a very profitable business when it comes to rewarding Directors & shareholders and becomes a loss making operation when it comes to re-numerating workers with a fair & just wage rise, both of these cant be true #EnoughIsEnough @CWUnews @NWCWU

jay mcgovern (@JayJaymcgovern)

Solidarity and respect to our latest group of @cwugmersey @NWCWU trainees for stepping forward to complete the @MHFAEngland 2 day course at a time when we know Mental Health support is so desperately needed💚Myself & @ady_prins are inspired by you all 🙌🙌✊️👇 #itsoknottobeok

Chris Webb (@ChrisPWebb)

🚨 NHS waiting lists are now at new record high of 6.73 MILLION 🚨 🚑 Nearly 30,000 people waited more than 12 HOURS in A&E LAST MONTH. 🏥The biggest crisis in the NHS' history - with one in eight people waiting for care - and it barely gets a mention from Truss and Sunak.

Tracey Fussey 💫 (@TraceyFussey)

This is a tad cheeky given the vulnerabilities our #CWU Capita VMO2 and Tesco Mobile members are facing given the lack of a fair pay deal! Hmm not good Capita

Peter Stefanovic (@PeterStefanovi2)

We’ve heard some Brexit bull**** but to tell the audience with a straight face we got better trade deals then the EU..

Enough is Enough (@eiecampaign)

In 2010, the UK had 66 foodbanks. Today, there are at least 2,000 – more than the total number of McDonald’s. This can’t go on. If you agree, join the fight back at

Paul #GTTO 💙NHS (@dixiedean9)

What Royal Mail has money for.. Shareholders ☑️ Executives pay rises ☑️ Huge executives “performance” bonuses ☑️ Key worker postal staff ❌ @CWUnews @DaveWardGS @NWCWU @safkhan00 @marcusbarnett_ @Parso64 @CarlMaden @RayEllisCWU @MarkBoltonnwnw @jane_loftus @cwuEastern__No5

Carl Webb - #joinaunion (@NWCWU)

If there was an Olympic sport for telling Porkies then Royal Mail Group would win the Gold🥇 Silver🥈and Bronze🥉They're taking the public and press for fools...

Enough is Enough (@eiecampaign)

Mick Lynch @RMTunion will be on BBC Newsnight talking about the campaign tonight at 22:30! Tweet your support with #EnoughIsEnough And sign up at

Enough is Enough (@eiecampaign)

“It’s time for trade unions, community groups and workers to come together like we haven't seen in decades – because that is the scale of this crisis.” – @DaveWardGS

Royal British Legion (@PoppyLegion)

I hope it goes really well for you, Chris! Thank you so much for the support.

Andrew Mercer (Join a union) (@andy_mercer)

"Its time to channel anger into action" Enough is Enough has five key demands: 1. A real pay rise 2. Slash energy bills 3. End food poverty 4. Decent homes for all 5. Tax the rich Sign up now #EnoughIsEnough @CWUnews

Carl Webb - #joinaunion (@NWCWU)

So the Bank of England has increased interest rates...How is this supposed to help struggling familes with a mortgage? Oh well at least the banks will be ok 😡


The #RightToFood belongs to all. Hunger truly doesn’t wear club colours ✊⁦@FSFScotland⁩ ⁦@FSFoodbanksNI⁩ ⁦@SFoodbanks⁩ ⁦@nufcfoodbank⁩ ⁦@kbeckham7⁩ ⁦@LFCWFoodbank⁩ ⁦@lionsfoodhub⁩ ⁦@NWCWU⁩ ⁦@jane_loftus⁩ ⁦@lcabbabeh

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Get the vote out. Less than two weeks to win the ballot and save Royal Mail Group

Dave Kennedy (@DaveKennedyCWU)

Central Committee Notice to the Branch Membership #TheCWU

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Preparations are being made for a consultative ballot of members across the Capita O2 and Tesco Mobile partnerships following the company’s reiteration this week of a derisory 4% pay offer.

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Royal Mail have set their stall out. They are coming for the CWU and their plans will destroy the postal service in the UK. Our members will fight them every step of the way. We are going to take these millionaire posh boys to a place they’ve never been.

Jim McNicholls (@JimMcNicholls)

I notice no mention in the news of the Amazon stoppage by staff today. Scared other workers will gain confidence from this walkout. Good luck to all involved!!!!

Lenny (@lennycrook)

We go again...

CWUHA (@cwuha)

Trustees @lennycrook, @NWCWU, @JulesU13 & @Ali82972635 & supporters of CWUHA will be taking part in the Longmynd hike, walking 21 miles to raise funds for our Ukrainian Appeal. Please click the link to sponsor & let’s see if we can beat last years amount!

Chris Webb (@ChrisPWebb)

Fantastic news that #TheCWU will be holding their Annual Conference in Blackpool in 2024 at the @WGBpl 🏖🪣 @CWUnews @DaveWardGS

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Royal Mail Group are coming at postal workers with later starts, less sick pay, removing allowances, introducing strike breaking agency and management force, moving work to competitors to intimidate CWU members and more. RT if you stand with your postal workers.