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Jim McNicholls (@JimMcNicholls)

Blackpool BEWARE myself & CWU comrades will be out in force tomorrow delivering leaflets in support of Chris Webb Labour candidate & CWU member!

CWU Greater Manc (@CWUGreaterManc)

Branch Bame officer Mebs and colleagues supporting the homeless in Manchester. Absolute credit to the branch. Keep up the good work...⁦@NWCWU⁩ ⁦@TEEVIEW

The CWU (@CWUnews)

So did Rico turn up? 🎥 Find out in the round up of today’s mediation talks between the Royal Mail Group and #TheCWU with our DGSP Terry Pullinger #WeRiseAgain 🦁

Mark W (@postie47)

Preston Parcels depot another Yes

Afzal Khan MP (@Afzal4Gorton)

Next week @CWUnews are balloting their members on strike action in the face of an assault by bosses on their terms and conditions. I'll be supporting our postal workers and @NWCWU #WeRiseAgain #Solidarity Read more below 👇🏽

The CWU (@CWUnews)

DGSP Terry Pullinger with a video update to you all on the way in to meet RMG in mediation. More updates to come #WeRiseAgain 🦁

Sarah Doyle (@srcdoyle)

People from all ages, with all different disabilities and stories came together in @TheFlorrie today so we could put our heads together and come up with a plan that will stop the @PostOffice in their tracks if they try to close the Dingle branch! Watch this space 🌹‼️@CWUMersey

CWU Greater Mersey Amal Branch Learning Centre (@MerseyCwu)

Shame is exactly what @PostOffice should be feeling after witnessing what I did today. Disgraceful disregard for people and the local community in which they live.

CWU Greater Mersey Amal Branch Learning Centre (@MerseyCwu)

There was a strong mix of passion, emotion and anger at what is an opportunistic attack by @PostOffice on the local and wider communities that use Dingle Crown Office with this proposed closure @cwugmersey @MerseyCwu @CWUnews @NWCWU @TheFlorrie @srcdoyle @postie47 @angelateeling

ShowRacismtheRedCard (@SRTRC_England)

#ShowRacismtheRedCard President @ShakaHislop calls on all our supporters to Wear Red on Friday 18th Oct. #WRD19 @PFA @Gravit8Clothing @NevilleSouthall @Kingcanners @AntiRacismDay

Tom Logan (@TomLogan00)

Amazing passion on show at this meeting earlier. The community made it clear that the fight will be fought to save Park Road post office @RiversideCLP @Riverwardlabour @PrincesParkBLP @CWUnews @cwugmersey

Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn)

This #ClimateStrike is inspiring - full of young people who are demanding change to protect our planet and their future. Labour will honour that demand by kickstarting a Green Industrial Revolution.

Steve Jones (@CerdynJones)

These young people wanna know: "Where's the fuck is the Government? (answer) they've got their trotters up!" 😎 #ClimateStrike #FridaysForFuture #schoolstrike4climate #GlobalClimateStrike

Dave Kennedy (@DaveKennedyCWU)

National Dispute - The CWU's Specific Demands #TheCWU

AboutManchester (@AboutMcr)

Tony Lloyd, MP for Rochdale, joins retail and distribution workers’ union Usdaw in condemning JD Sports in Rochdale for rejecting the health and safety of hundreds of staff about the company’s cuts in rest breaks.

Jay Roberts 🌹 (@JayRoberts86)

Brilliant community meeting about saving Dingle Crown Post Office, organised by @cwugmersey, @MerseyCwu & @NWCWU and hosted by @TheFlorrie. Excellent speeches from @LouiseEllman, @srcdoyle, @teedub555, @LynnSimpsonCWU - a real strength of community love for our local post office!

Elli long (@ElliLong7)

Our 3rd early morning gate meeting at Liverpool Parcelforce this morning. The members love having the chance to tell the Royal Mail Board and Rico Back YES twice on the two ballot papers. Your not welcome at Royal Mail Rico 👋 #WeRiseAgain #VoteYES 🦁 @cwugmersey @CWUnews

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

Emotions running high at the Save Dingle Crown Post Office Public Meeting in Liverpool....Members of the public literally in tears over the proposed closure! Shame on you @PostOffice @LivEchonews @CWUnews @cwugmersey @LouiseEllman

CWU Greater Mersey Amal Branch Learning Centre (@MerseyCwu)

Local Community meeting on the campaign to save Dingle Crown Post Office being held today at @TheFlorrie guest speakers including @LouiseEllman @LynnSimpsonCWU Sara Doyle. @cwugmersey @MerseyCwu @postie47 @angelateeling @teedub555 @NWCWU @ElliLong7 @Riverwardlabour

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

Good turn out at #TheCWU public meeting on the proposed closure of Dingle Crown Post Office in Liverpool. Local community up for the fight to SAVE a cherrished local public service #SaveOurPostOffice @CWUnews @cwugmersey @LouiseEllman @teedub555 @MetroMayorSteve @Riverwardlabour

Unite North West (@Unite_NorthWest)

1 more day until Unite the union members @LivUni begin strike action (Saturday 21 September at 7 am). Their terms and conditions are under attack. Please share ✊ #LiverpoolUniStrike #Strike #LivUni

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

On my way to sunny Liverpool for a Public Meeting on another proposed Crown Post Office Closure. If you are in the vicinity why not pop in and show your support #SaveOurPostOffice

Mark (@MarkydHolt)

Very happy to be re-elected as TULO for @BuryNorthLabour and congratulations to @CWUnews comrade @Sandra_Walmsley being elected as chair. #TheCWU #VoteLabour @nwunions @NWCWU

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

Thank you for your support Afzal #WeRiseAgain 🦁 @CWUnews @CWUGreaterManc @_andrewtowers

Andrew Towers (@_andrewtowers)

Alongside 4 day week, at Labour Conference @cwunews will be pushing for Labour to build on the pledge to renationalise Royal Mail, by committing to a new model of democratic public ownership, embedding the voice of workers and the public in decision-making. #thePeoplesPost

Sam Tarry (@SamTarry)

Totally solidarity with @CWUnews members - I’ll be with you on the picket lines standing shoulder to shoulder with you as you have with me ✊🏻

Charlie Pullinger (@ChazPullinger)

The old man doing his thing 🔥🎤 #WeRiseAgain 🦁

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Thank you James 👏 #WeRiseAgain 🦁

Elli long (@ElliLong7)

So happy to have been asked to get involved in the UK’s newest organisation committed to promoting trade unionism to young workers. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and I am looking forward to working alongside such an inspiring group of young people. @TUofTomorrow

Brian Parsons (@Parso64)

Increasingly worried by the overly trusting working class, if previous generations saw characters like Johnson, Gove, Farage & co walking freely in public you'd drag your kids in, draw the curtains & phone the bizzies, now they're in charge of the country wake up Britain FFS

PCS Union (@pcs_union)

Thank you for your support @Peter_Dowd much appreciated

Just Jews (@JustJewsUK)

Comedian Alexei Sayle on how he loves being Jewish, and that there is nothing more establishment than hatred of Jeremy Corbyn. #JustJews

UNISON North West (@NorthWestUNISON)

.@compassgroupuk have gagged our members and stopped them speaking out about their pay dispute RT to spread the word for them! #silencedbyCompass #samepaynow

Chris Webb (@Chris4BNC)

I’ve just spoken at a @unisontweets rally in support of hospital cleaners who have started a 3-day strike after Compass won’t pay them the same as NHS cleaners for doing the same work. It's time for Compass to pay our hospital staff the NHS rate for the same job.

GMB UNION (@GMB_union)

A General Election could be just around the corner and there are still millions of people across the country not registered to vote. If you don't have a vote, then you don't have a voice. #RegisterToVote 🗳👇


The “Everything in the garden is rosy” fluffy “news??letter from RMG fools no one. Our members won’t have the wool pulled over their eyes! #WeRiseAgain@CWUnews⁩ ⁦@NWCWU

Dave Kennedy (@DaveKennedyCWU)

Stockport Trades Council Support their Postal Worker #TheCWU

Angela Rayner 🌈 (@AngelaRayner)

On the 24th September the @CWUnews will be sending its postal members working in Royal Mail ballot papers seeking a yes vote for industrial action. l support my postal workers #WeRiseAgain Please read below👇

The CWU (@CWUnews)

A packed national briefing underway in London this morning addressing our Senior postal reps on our dispute with RMG #WeRiseAgain 🦁

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Our General Secretary @DaveWardGS opening the national briefing today on the postal dispute “The business will come at us and we will be ready for it” #WeRiseAgain 🦁

The CWU (@CWUnews)

DGSP Terry Pullinger addressing the national briefing today “The RMG board are seemingly out to destroy this union & destroy this public service, all in the pursuit of profit and greed” #WeRiseAgain 🦁

Mark (@MarkydHolt)

Many thanks @JamesFrith for coming speaking to @CWUnews members in Bury D.O this morning. #TheCWU #WeRiseAgain 🦁 @NWCWU @NWNWDIVISION @DaveWardGS @tkearnsy @safkhan00 @1875BRFC

James Frith MP (@JamesFrith)

Great turnout this am In Bury for @CWUnews #WeRiseAgain campaign to protect terms and pay of Royal Mail staff and a universal service. I’m a proud #CWU member and I stand in solidarity with all those defending their everyday working conditions against millionaire venturers. ✊🏼

Carl Webb (@NWCWU)

Great to see @JamesFrith standing shoulder to shoulder with Postal Workers in his constituency. #WeRiseAgain 🦁 @DaveWardGS @tkearnsy @safkhan00 @CllrIanMoran