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Royal Mail CEO Simon Thompson - who made £753,000 last year - is telling workers to call off strikes to “save Christmas”. But he didn’t even show up to a negotiations meeting with @CWUnews on Wednesday. Royal Mail can end the strike: by treating staff fairly. #StandByYourPost

Carl Webb - #joinaunion (@NWCWU)

100% #StandByYourPost

Dave Ward (@DaveWardGS)

I NEED EVERY FOLLOWER TO RT THIS Your local postie is facing the most important week ever. They are facing intimidation, threats and bullying from an out of control management team. They will strike for 2 days to save the service and their jobs. Are you with them?

SalfordMayor (@salford_mayor)

Total solidarity with @CWUnews members locally, regionally and nationally and the brilliant posties serving our communities across the City of Salford and the wider Greater Manchester. A win for the posties is a win for everyone! #StandByYourPost

Chris Webb (@ChrisPWebb)

This morning before work I joined CWU members in Rochdale on their picket line to show my support and solidarity as a fellow CWU member in their current Royal Mail dispute. #Solidarity@CWUnews @DaveWardGS


@CwuWamc are asking, if in a position to do so, our members kindly donate an item of confectionery at the forthcoming picket lines. All donations will be given to underprivileged primary schoolchildren in our areas. @CWUnews @DaveWardGS @Parso64

Carl Webb - #joinaunion (@NWCWU)

Businesses/customers want a reliable/dedicated service that our members provide against the backdrop of managers who couldn't organise a Pee-up in Brewery! RMG would be better served as an Employee Run company rid of Directors who've virtually run the company into the ground😡

Beth Winter MP (@BethWinterMP)

A privilege to participate in the community wealth building conference in Preston this weekend. A truly fantastic event! Thank you to @CWUnews & @LauraSmithCrewe for organising this. Looking forward to continue working with you all to build a fairer, greener & socialist future.

Paul Pritchard (@pauljpritchard)

Watching Sunday with Kuenssberg - why do they always call Union leaders "bosses"? This implies they alone are making decisions to take action, when the reality is they are expressing the democratically decided decisions of their membership!

The CWU (@CWUnews)

We have lost over 700 followers today. Clearly something is going on with Twitter. And at a time when our postal and telecom workers need support like never before. Please RT this, follow us and help get the message out there. #StandByYourPost


Feeling concerned about your job & it’s T&C’s? Waiting for your firm to do the right thing before Xmas? Hoping for a levelling up agenda to kick in? Well don’t. #JoinAUnion instead!

Cheats Don’t Prosper (@Scubeedo)

Royal Mail was one of the few Companies to have come out of the Pandemic in a far better position than it was in going into it. It made a record profit of £758 million. To have wasted the money and to be now attacking the staff that made the profit is nothing short of shameless.

Matthew Brown (@MatthewBrownLab)

Thanks to everyone who came to, participated in and helped organise the @CWUnews Community Wealth Building event in #Preston today supported by @DemocracyCollab and @UCLan. Great energy wanting to bring transformation in place right here, right now. Some photos ⬇️.

Brian Parsons (@Parso64)

To pursue their agenda of greed Thompson & cohorts are counting on dispute fatigue, the pressure of Christmas, the weather, their bullying in the workplace but what we've got they can only dream of having, a collective spirit, a just cause & our community ethos "We are the CWU"

lan Byrne MP (@IanByrneMP)

Honoured to be speaking at the @CWUnews Community Wealth Building Conference in Preston. An inspiring day with so many ideas on a vision for a fairer society. Special thanks to @LauraSmithCrewe for organising such a thought provoking day. Lot’s to build on✊

TrademarkBelfast (@TrademarkBF)

Community Wealth Building offers a way to realise two key aims of the trade union movement: 1) Workplace democracy 2) Control over the fruits of our labour

sarah woolley (@sarahwoolley01)

Great conference today, I’ve learned loads; what community wealth building initiatives are happening already & what can be done to join everything up Great to see a few familiar faces too & to be able to talk about @BFAWUOfficial members & work Thanks @LauraSmithCrewe ✊️

Chris Webb (@ChrisPWebb)

Fantastic contribution from @IanByrneMP about the work of @SFoodbanks and how community empowerment can bring about progressive change at grassroot level.

Chris Webb (@ChrisPWebb)

Today I'm taking part in #TheCWU Community Wealth Building Conference to discuss the challenges facing #Blackpool and our country’s economy and how we can work together to build support around a fairer and more equal society. @DaveWardGS @CWUnews

The CWU (@CWUnews)

This is an all time classic from this Royal Mail banter era (and that’s saying something) They opened every office this week to pretend people are working. Now they’re telling members they’re closing them for next weeks strike because nobody came in. Pack your bags, Thompson

Carl Webb - #joinaunion (@NWCWU)

Listening to the excellent @RLong_Bailey at #TheCWU & Democracy Collaborative Community Wealth Building Conference confirms that my vote for her to be the leader of the Labour Party was the correct one.

Enough is Enough (@eiecampaign)

If Royal Mail execs have their way, it'll be the end of your local postie. They dished out £2 billion to shareholders in recent years. But it's never enough. Now they want to turn it into a gig economy company. That’s why 115,000 are on strike. RT if you’re behind them 💌

The CWU (@CWUnews)

As our night pickets assemble, we want to thank our members in Royal Mail Group Their support of the strike in the face of intimidation, mental torture from the CEO and bullying from management has been nothing short of inspirational You are the best of us #StandByYourPost

Laura Marshall (@grassroots28)

Our fight isn't just about money, it's about protecting our rights as workers. With December being our busiest time of year, we have the power to make a real difference. Let's keep up the fight and make sure we get what we deserve! 📮 @CWUnews @CWUYoungWorkers @eiecampaign

Nigel Flanagan (@NigelUNI)

Altogether Now!! Ian Byrne MP and strikers from all unions across the NW - Wednesday 7pm on line- hosted by UCU and supported by NWTUC @NorthWestUNISON @TUCNorthWest @RMTunion @NWCWU Please RT

Rebecca Long-Bailey (@RLong_Bailey)

1/ Huge support again this morning for Royal Mail @cwunews @NWCWU workers on strike in Salford ✊

Mark (@MarkydHolt)

Bury members out on mass on this mornings picket. They will not meakly stand by and watch the destruction of their jobs, T and C's, and the service we provide to our town. #StandByYourPost

Dave Ward (@DaveWardGS)

No I’m not. Because unlike Royal Mail managers, when our members take a hit it’s right I do too.

Regional Secretary (@NEUNW_Region)

Congratulations to @UM_UCU on an excellent march and lunchtime rally in Manchester which our Regional Chair, John Morgan from @NEU_Manchester was privileged to address with solidarity greetings.

Carl Webb - #joinaunion (@NWCWU)


Dave Ward (@DaveWardGS)

Postal workers are set to hold a series of strike, delaying the death of their terms and conditions and the service. Corrected it for you.

Jay McKenna (@JayMcKenna87)

Up the workers ✊ @nw_ucu @NWCWU @NorthWestUNISON

Angela Eagle DBE (@angelaeagle)

Great to stand in solidarity with striking postal workers at the Liscard sorting office ⁦@CWUnews⁩ ⁦@cwugmersey⁩ ⁦@CWUMersey@CWUNW with todays ⁦⁦@DailyMirror⁩ front page ⁦@postie47⁩ ⁦@NWCWU#StandByYourPost

Carl Webb - #joinaunion (@NWCWU)

Pleased to have been asked to speak @UCU strike rally in Manchester today to deliver a message of solidarity and to give an update on our disputes #ucuRISING #StandByYourPost @CWUnews @JimMcNicholls @NadeemKhanCWU @DaveKennedyCWU

NadeemKhanCWU (@NadeemKhanCWU)

Carl Webb @NWCWU speaking in support of todays @ucu strike in #Manchester. Solidarity from the @CWUnews @cwupbburyretail to teachers, lecturers & students. ✊🏽 #JoinAUnion #ucuRising

Dave Kennedy (@DaveKennedyCWU)

Another fantastic show of strength across our Branch again today. Some of the most dignified women and men you could ever meet. This membership will not be defeated #StandByYourPost #TheCWU

CWUGMERSEY (@cwugmersey)

Liverpool Parcels Still Solid Again 👌 @CWUnews Picket Lines

Carl Webb - #joinaunion (@NWCWU)

After being on picket duty in the morning it was great to be able to stretch our legs on the @UCUManCol Demo in Manchester today #Solidarity ✊️✊🏿 @JimMcNicholls @NadeemKhanCWU

CWUGMERSEY (@cwugmersey)

Members saying No to the Deal & Solid Again @CWUnews @NWCWU

CWUGMERSEY (@cwugmersey)

Real camaraderie across Branch Again Today Solid @NWCWU @CWUnews

The CWU (@CWUnews)

Warrington Mail Centre ✊✊ #StandByYourPost

David (@Zero_4)

Brilliant from @DaveWardGS Laid out the facts clearly & succinctly enough that even the presenters had to admit he’s right #StandByYourPost