Reports From CWU Annual Conference 2017

hese pages bring you the best of the debates and policy making from the Union’s annual 5 day Conference, being held this year at the Bournemouth International Conference Centre in, of course; Bournemouth.

The wordings of the motions plus key speakers in the debates follow on the next page, and will be added to and cover the two days of Conference 2017. Follow the link at the bottom of the page.

Major policy changes were debated and agreed by the hundreds of CWU Branch Delegates attending.

Political issues were particularly in mind given the Tory government’s announcement of a general election on 8th June, and especially the negative effects that Brexit will have on the rights of both Trade Unions and their members, not to mention worker’s rights in the UK.

The current state of the NHS and the threat that Brexit poses to it, along with the grave and deliberate lack of funding, and imminent closure of hospitals was highlighted in Acting GS Tony’ Kearn’s introduction speech, in place of that of GS Dave Ward who is unable to come to conference due to illness.

Tory ministers and the government have made it clear that Brexit will mean the end of worker’s rights as currently legislated.

Indeed, as DGS and acting GS Tony Kearns reminded delegates, the Tory government has enacted two pieces of unnecessary and punitive legislation against Trade Unions and their members in the last two years. More is to come as Trade Unions are hated by the government and employer’s bodies who see legislation on business and worker’s rights to be nothing more than ‘Red Tape’!

Furthermore, Pensioner’s rights will be badly effected as the Government now refuses to guarantee the ‘Triple Lock’ on benefits for working people who paid through National Insurance contributions all their working lives, hoping that once they retire it will not be in poverty!

International affairs, equality, and discrimination against the Lesbian, Gay, and Trans-gender (LGBT) community were also debated as motions highlighted the need to support them along with the fight back against racism and xenophobia.

Of course there is the industrial issues which are covered by the Industrial Conference taking place Tuesday and Wednesday.

Conference Motions Debates follow on page two:

Sunday 23rd April

Monday 24th April

Here are the key opening speeches to CWU Conference 2017:

Opening speeches at Conference Sunday 23rd April

The Conference was opened with a video message from General Secretary Dave Ward from his home as he continues treatment for his illness:

Next came the turn of Acting GS Tony Kearns to welcome delegates and to warn of extremely tough times ahead due to Brexit and the plans the Tory government has if it wins this the general election on 8th June:

Posted: 1st January 2017

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