Royal Mail’s Court Order Was A Cynical Manoeuvre

Bulletin No 22

On Thursday 26th October 2017 the CWU’s negotiating team attended the first meeting of the mediation process. The appointed external Mediatior is Lynette Harris, an experienced ACAS and UN Mediator based at Nottingham Business School.

As part of the mediation process the CWU has produced a comprehensive information pack for the Mediator which sets out the Union’s case on pay and the Four Pillars of Security. Following the initial meeting, the Mediator has said she needs more time to go through the background information and related documents prepared by both sides and has requested to meet with the CWU and Royal Mail pension advisors, as a result, the next mediation meeting will take place on Tuesday 7th November.

The CWU have made it clear that the clock is ticking on the mediation process and in line with the provisions set out in the AfG Agreement we expect a summary report from the Mediator with final recommendations to be produced within 4 weeks of her appointment.

The CWU believe Royal Mail’s Court order was a cynical manoeuvre to stop our strike action rather than a genuine attempt to secure a settlement. If the company are serious about reaching Agreement with the CWU they need to make an early and significant move in the talks to avoid future industrial action.

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Four Pillars Campaign News

Source: CWU LTB578/17

Posted: 1st January 2017

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