Suppor Your Union’s Humanitarian Aid May 2018 Convoy

CWU Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA) May 2018 Convoy when we will be delivering aid direct to an orphanage that cares for over 500 children – disabled children and vulnerable families in Moldova the poorest country in Europe.

This is what Trade Unions do, and none more than the CWU which has a long 23 year old tradition of sending out convoys to some of the poorest families and children in Europe.

With the support of our major employers, BT, and Royal Mail who loan vans to our CWUHA volunteers and supporters, the convoys never fail to get through direct to those they intend to help; and to give the aid out personally!

Preparations for an 8 vehicle CWUHA convoy in May to orphanages, disabled centre & vulnerable families in Moldova are going well with the 16 volunteers working hard to raise the aid for their vehicles.

Each vehivle driver is responsible for filling them with the aid needed, and this in itself is a massive commitment.

So, can you help support CWUHA volunteers who are giving thewir time, energy and humanity in order to help so many unfortunate children living in Moldova?

Below is a list on items needed still for this year’s convoy which leaves in less than two months time. Help our CWU members who are volunteer drivers this year, to fill their vehicles with the appropriate items that the children will benefit so much from.

Our wonderful CWU Women convoy volunteers

Source: C Ingram / CWUHA / Carl Webb

Posted: 1st March 2018

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